What if....?

Stand strong and allow yourself to trust. Simply flow with the rhythm of a new creation or change within you.

The old World and its structures are falling apart. This is why we are all feeling these violent quakes within. Shaking loose within us the old dogmas, the old rules, where our limited minds hold us back due to programming and boundaries of this limited world. But in our dreams, we know we are eternal. We wander freely out of this world and into the others where everything is liquid and flowing. Our minds can stretch and reach out and receive messages from an ethereal realm that has no structure, it just offers us possibility. When we are in tune with this, when we reach those states through our dreams or conscious choice to do so, the soul goes free. It rises and grabs that light and creativity of the most magical ideas, because it is freed, out of its limitation and knows exactly where it wants to go and what to learn. The ego objects. NO. It cannot be done. We have to maintain the usual. Ego regains control, and the creativity is dismissed and struggle for maintaining sanity and normality battles the need for allowing the improbability drive. We are subjected to this world. But the mind is puzzled. The mind begins to wonder. It has seen something. Felt something. Wonder why it then feels better to stretch beyond what cannot be done. Why it has so many visions and receives so much information and messages from the unreal. And puzzled because the experience feels right. It feels a deeper truth than anything the ego ever could come up with. The ego that gets lost in thought flow of constant limitation and constant control. But the Heart knows the truth. The Heart has been in that altered state. Beyond logic and reason and so longs and wants to surrender. To be freed from the constant depression, that it is forever doomed to the same repetitive dead end. The wall. The 'NO you can’t'. There is no magic in this world. So why do you bother? The mind is torn between the obvious schizophrenia. The real to the unreal. The energetic state of magic and freedom wants to manifest here. Whatever we see, hear or feel in that ‘unreal’ world will shake our belief systems to the core when they DO manifest. May take a while, since the physical realm is a bit slow to keep up with the liquid stuff. But surely, something you dismissed as pure fantasy a little while ago comes physically knocking on your door. ‘Hello! I'm real.’ Suddenly you understand the journey from the real to the unreal. There is but a thin door between them, and it begins to MATTER. We allow the shapes and truths to wander out from our dreams into action. They happen, and we begin the wondrous journey into questioning IF these limitations we have built our lives around really cannot be pushed and dissolved, but a little. We accept The Call of The Soul that has walked between the Worlds and seen other solutions to ways of living that the ego is terrified of, because then it has no domain, no use, and the battle for ego survival comes. The body and its physical system is in shock. People around you think you’re crazy. Logically and surely you must get back to your day job. Money and control have built numerous societies in the name of democracy. It’s what works. Where is the imagination to create anew? Change is coming. The old ways of looking at things black or white are but creating more right or wrong. The intensity of this Collective depression and madness going on these days, that everyone is feeling and experiencing has but one message: It’s asking us to look at where our egos are rooted the deepest. How it manifests as limitation. And then to please, please, please leave it at the door. The energy is too heavy and has no resonant vibration in this new world that wants to manifest. Until you are done with it, you will be struggling and you will be in pain. Open your heart, trust and surrender. Just open your heart. It holds the light in you that knows the way. It’s safe to love and be loved. Stop fighting. Stop building walls. Let your world in. The real and the unreal. They’re not separate. Manifest the magic. It’s real. Let your imagination out to play. Merge with the worlds.