Prayer for the New Moon

It was all those nights alone walking in the shadow lands, walking through, guided and held by all the Angels rushing in to guide and hold me, making sure I was protected and safe and knew love.

She was the soft voice speaking in me, holding me, teaching me to listen.

Listening to knowing that love is the only thing in me.

My fabric. My essence. My core.

It is also the gift I share with this world and those who journey with me.

All I spoke, breathed, moved and shed was love, either unexpressed or turned to fear, but the motion behind was always coming into knowing. Love.

All I needed was perspective and choosing from where to come from until all barriers against love was gone.

Within I found the chamber of sacredness where we can always meet.

I saw beyond illusion of time and separation.

In there I set myself free and learned freedom.

A woman’s softness. A woman’s grace. All she is. Is all I am.

Leaving the need for rushing, feeling out of time, out of enough-ness.

Time is forever. Our time. We have all the time in the world. I hold forever in my palms. Forever in my soul.

I have no rush, I have patience. I have love to give.

I am love.

I can hold you forever or for as long as it takes.

This is my purpose and passion.

Holding you.

Letting you come into me.

Into eternity.

Into this sacred union.