Mist morning

The mist covers the Earth like a ghost that temporarily visits. It is in that portal veil we access otherworlds. These invitations are rare, opportunity to venture. Walk between. The shift in consciousness. The deliberate acts. The aware choice. The knowing and the calling.

Why is it ignored? What is left to fear anymore? You have been called. Summoned. Go.

We wait, patiently, still, for you to rise. To gather the courage to do things right. To balance this part of the equation. There is magic we cannot do. Invocation can only do so much. We are left with hope that you will rise. That you will slay your own Dragons now. Rescue yourself. Come into yourself. Know your Heart. Know your passion. Know your one decision to come here. Then be here.

Know that you have fought many battles and you are tired, but stepping out of the hold, the Shadow, and the identity of being a victim of events gnawing at your bones, poisoning your mind, is no ones fault, you have become its prisoner. The door is open. All you need to do is walk out. Will you? No one can make that choice, but you. Our Hearts are free. Is yours? Truly?

We called in the principle of The First Woman and journeyed through her to understand the unbalance and injustice. We learned the misunderstanding by crackling in the Fire, by submission, then walking freely into those flames, knowing Death and the truth of sliding doors. The love that is forever and flows everlasting in and beyond time and space. We held you there. Waited. And now time called us here. We chose to come here. Together. Baptized by Fire. Blessed by stellar energetics. Still. Will you go to where you are called? And come into your own? Leave behind all that which has shaped and morphed you into a human being- abiding their laws and limitation? Rest safely within the impossibility of the structured and programmed psychology of definition- letting someone else define you? Or will you rise to the passion in your Soul? Knowing yourself. Who you are?

We hold the space still. But we are waiting.

The mist covers the ground. There is wisdom to be had in that portal, and we go, because we have the wisdom to see chance and opportunity when it’s there.

We connect this rare moment to the balsamic Moon days to the release, to this perfect timing, to invoke, to pray and bless before this Fire New Moon. That’s our magic. Our wisdom.

Where is yours? Can you feel it there in your burning soul? Will you walk with this Fire and let it morph and forge you?