Morning Prayer

Morning prayer for You <3

Calling in all Angels. Asking them to bless your way. Knowing in my Heart you are held, no matter what you decide or where you choose to go, you are never out of their hold. I see you so. The love goes with you, where ever you turn your head. They penetrate your worries, they bless you with joy and laughter, there is no right or wrong, there is only alignment into you and your truth, the reason for being. Here.

Rest that worried mind, leave the programming for a while- it’s too hard work trying to figure it out, dead ends of making sense.

Just let it go. Allow the Heart to open. You already are in love, so let that out that stands in your way for trusting life and trusting love once more. Trust yourself now. Embrace those emotions. Know yourself.

Who could you become without the walls, without the barrier you have built against becoming? Did you think you would be safe in there? Do you see now, that you have instead fenced yourself in? Un-free and stuck in your fortress? It is the emotional reactions from back when you are now playing out, let it, it's time. It's part of tearing down the wall, of coming out.

How would freedom look like in your life and why do you cling to control? It cannot set you free, it cannot ease your soul.

Those illusions are unreal. Create better visions for yourself. It can be done as easy as breathing.

Why do you think your Angels gather round you now?

You are held. You are pure love. All that stands in the way for knowing this, is you. Come into this knowing now. Align with what is yours and let the rest go.

There are prayers working their magic for you. You are that important.