Catching up with Spring

At last the surrender to Earth-pulse, away from the busy-ness. The questions that pound like a baseline to the lyricless song I am trying to hum along to... changes that follow from processing and need to settle, like dust after the quakes. Restructuring or just movement?

The natural laws, the gravity and the magnetism, the inner compass and the urge for wandering. The call and the response.

Ear to ear, I silence this questioning and merge with her again. Ancient knowing. Instantly. She is always singing. Tuning into words, I always remember, not of this world. A shriek from above that sends chills through to my core. Striking that chord.

An ache in the Heart for lost times where the need for making rituals, casting circles and dancing out there, the need for noting those constant phases on her journeys were part of the awakening and still walking alone..

She laughs to my ear.. 'You are more connected than ever. Get up. It is already within you, aligned and written on your soul..' The words that have changed and for along time silence replaced their constant flow. The metamorphosis. Stretching wings and leaving the cocoon.

Gaze turned outwards, we laugh at our shadows. Now we see them, we turn our stare at the Sun. Noticing on rocks alignments and journeys. Simple things like that.

We walk hand in hand, now our rhythms aligned. Spring and sunshine find us. Our feet know the way. The Hearts that never tire or need to fall back asleep, the souls conjoined in the portal loop from between the flow of individual journeying. New missions, new purposes.

Putting our ears to ground, we hear Her song. And this is the Spring awakening now. Within and without.