A new sense of freedom. Can you feel it?

It is not just the essence of the dawning Spring breathing like hope in your ethereal layers, ecstatically rising in your liquids, like lust for life, for running barefoot, for merging in the heat to the very thing that pulsates and vibrates in a rhythmic matching song of creation stretching yet again, morphing into culmination, the outmost potential- and the childish joy and excitement about what it will be this year.

It is the liberation that follows in your very soul after releasing and shedding, facing fears, living through it, having transcended, let those patterns and thought forms embrace you, hold you tight, penetrate your core only to let you go after having freely and willingly held them in a precious state of knowledge to accept and transform your egoic ways without clinging to it- too long to make it an identity and you become its victim, but knowing when to release it, that fine line between when its venom becomes its cure or poisons you. It is a welcome pause to breathe into new. Into change. Into a new life. It feels like you are being born only now.

Freedom. To turn your gaze elsewhere. To move beyond and into lOve. That knowing that you are held and supported. That you can share lOve and know instantly the difference.

Freedom to address whatever arises within. To journey again, but beyond. It is always a cyclical vortex. From the within it goes to the without. .

Don’t be discouraged if what you see is the unlove. You may see that only because you suddenly see through the illusions of games and because you are called to help heal that very thing. Options are many, don’t believe in the absolute rules they make you think apply for all. Your journey is personal and individual while you are part of a collective.

Be kind now, Remember when you struggled yourself. Remember those dark hours and that moment grace found you. That moment only could come, because you agreed to do the work and ventured into the very core of Darkness. Share. Love. Pray. Hold a space for someone gathering the courage to do the same now.

Share your love <3