Like a drop returning to the Ocean. Stripped from any momentum it goes back into entirety and becomes One. Merges and dissolves and becomes again. The truth becomes unknown and goes back to a mystery of all-knowing. All-one and not alone. Asking again at the end of becoming all things. And finishing this cycle. Saying goodbye while moving into new pastures. The new home. The new journey.

Some are lighthouses who shine in the Dark leading the ships safely back to harbor. They face their Dark alone. Some are their own Suns and shine on others, igniting their lights it casts a shadow at first, and you know some people will not like that. But you must do yours anyway, it was your purpose for being here. You picked that constellation, and all will eventually remember their connection to love and move into gOd and out of the shadows.

Sometimes you are the first to venture, trailing a path for others to walk. That means there are some journeys you have to do on your own, and every step you question, you have to feel it. With no one to ask but yourself. You learn to balance your walk with what comes your way, asserting and claiming what is yours, releasing what isn’t. Resistance is not always a game from the ego, resistance is also letting your soul tell you, there is work in your shadow to be done.

The ones we love are in our Hearts forever. A prayer apart, only.

We never know how long we get to walk together. As our missions end, others begin. Some were designed intendedly to be so. It's the new sense of freedom. Walking in and out of lives, leaving a mark, a change. Life altering at best. But those who stay are precious.

What is your Heart telling you? Who is telling you otherwise? Who contradicts your impulses? Who takes your power away, and why do you let them? Let love flow where it wants. The forces of love are greater than any reason. Trust that your Heart can hold it all.

Be you in this crazy world. Be all your Sun’s shine. And go back to your momentum. The Ocean will always have you.