We never know which marks we put down that help us unravel the mysteries much later, leaving us jaw dropped holding a never aging child like affinity for wonder and adventure. It is here we vowed certain things and got exactly what we asked for. We didn’t like it at first, but we do now. Endurance and patience and the letting things unfold as they serve us best. Trusting that when magic and space is held and the intention is honest, the forces within and without do the rest. -It was never a force solely without- we learned to remember that there is no real separation, and the wants transcended the wants from an ego that cannot see beyond time, love and freedom once called into the presence of gOd. Space given, time releases elasticity, grants expansion and cyclical loops and now ‘accidentally’ we are here, the same place we passed through an invisible portal with open prayers in our Hearts that were instantly granted and set into motion a series of events that pulled us back here- even the two trees are still there, providing still an opportunity for space travel should another event call us there. The pull in our hearts connected to our feet and made us walk upon places that activated certain energetics. Impressing our souls- the individual journey merged and accompanies now the joint- where there are no endings and no beginnings. We are One. Science is definitely catching up with spirituality, the confines erased, magic is that liquid golden stuff that weaves from above to below, within and without, the very music within our Soul, and reality is that which when you close your eyes exists in all dimensions and plays upon your Heart and can make you walk between any worlds. Easily, even. Yes, Tree beings are real, the Earth can whisper all her secrets to you if you ever put your ear to Her heartbeat and decides to LISTEN, gravity can be dissolved if you understand how to bend the laws of physics, there are great mysteries we’ll never be able to explain and if you think you have the final answers to what is right and wrong - well you get to think again. Here’s an un-prediction: Everything is possible, the soul is not deceived: In this world even winter ain't what it seems