New Moon

Look ahead, not back. Be careful you won’t get stuck. You are asked every day to begin again.

If you’re ahead of time. Wait. Rest. You did so much work. Remember that you tread the path no one had walked before. You left a trail. Now others are following. Wait for them there, so you can again journey together. All is well now. You came through.

Rest. Allow your body to release. It is the denser energetics now. The quickening in the Knowing. The moving into manifestation. Allowing things to unfold for you. Now your body is releasing and adjusting. Aligning. Breathe. Rest.

It’s the hundred words we can say that never hold any resonance. It is only in the followed action taken that leads to change. It is the beat from our Hearts that pave the way for future. Not reflection over a past that is unchangeable anyway. Let it go. Let it rest. Do or do not. There is no try.

Dwell on possibility. Make it better without any judgment on actions before. Refrain from getting stuck there. Shake it off. Learn what you can from it. Move on.

I can smell lilacs when I awake in the morning. The vision of the garden. Clear.

I believe in the good things coming. I am ready to let the old life go. The new is here. Hope. More than hope. That the Light is returning. Underground forces are renewing and coming around again. More potent than ever. Laden with opportunity, now the Time is right. That feeling of unfolding. And that all is well. The New Moon promise.. What will yours be?

Image credit: Yee Von