New Moon singing

It’s the calling in the bones, that makes you remember that you’ve got to go. It’s the instant challenge that makes you exhilarated. Alive. Letting go, stepping away from former identities. Being you instead. Listening to the quieter beats of your inner rhythms. It doesn’t have to be loud. It just is. You. Drawing to you everything you are facing. Everything you need to be going towards. Journeying with and through. You never wanted anything other than that. And you only know it in those seconds you step into it.

Who were we before? In the making, in the becoming? Passing the torch onto our future guides and inspirators. Knowing the works is done. We did our part. We move away and onto something else entirely.

It’s the silent knowing within when to pass and when to engage. The people who knew you before may not like it. But you love it. And the friction will set you free.

We walk in the falling snow. The meditative sound of snow crushing under feet sets the mood. All other footprints gone. The trails we know so well gone. Like meeting the forest for the first time. All we have is our inner compass, we feel the pull towards matching vibrations. Those places that resonate into calibration. Away from manipulated frequency. The daily disturbing of naturally orchestrated brain waves. Harmony. The quiet calms several layers and levels within. The pulse slows while other things awaken with such force and call through to be remembered.

Is it the tree I am embracing or does the tree embrace me? Is it the pulse of the Earth I can feel again instantly, compassionately, forgiving me, loving and holding me, nourishing me, sustaining me, kissing my foot every time I meet her gravitational pull in me, away from everything that holds me captive? She wants to be known. Her secrets. Her codes. Her mission. We knew before. And it is already written, we need but to bring it forth. To make it known. To bring it forth. So there are old identities to be let go off. Now. To come into the new. Out of our little heads, our own little worlds, clean up our little dramas, our little messes and align. It was calling to us while we finally, mercilessly necessarily and urgently were called to understanding the need for action.

She is calling to all of us. All

the time. And if you can’t hear it, the call for aligning your life, your purpose, you will be collected and shaken loose. Or you will miss your chance. The future isn’t written- you’re its creator. Who will you be? The affirmation will come. The feeling you are left with, will be your guide.

Light is returning to our part of the world. Things are coming. Things are stirring. A powerful, potent Spring. Take note of what will be impressing you in this time. Just before the New Moon. Just before the crossing. A new portal is opening. It is already beginning. It’s that little crack in between. Renew your vows, renew your words and intentions.

In the almost same motion as you let go. You know what.