Your path

Still not seeing it? Your life? The path you so carefully designed for you- co-created in accordance with those souls who agreed to walk with you and are there, waiting for you to align your life and let go those constructed tired old traditions, the mind programming, the structures that have dulled your wits and slowed your Heart rate. You cannot hear what your soul is desperately screaming at you- or even worse, you know, you are fully aware, cause your Heart has told you and you have listened and felt it, you have even rightfully allowed yourself to desire it, and now you are shaming yourself for wanting something, but looking at the steps you need to take, to dissolve the old life that no longer holds anything for you or those involved in it- all locked, all prisoners of the old ways, wanting to be set free, wanting too to be able to move on and fall into their journeys, their paths, their soul companions… You still don't listen to it. You ignore it.

Come out now. Let go now. Let it fall. Let it happen and walk on to your path. It’s time to live and let live.

To no longer delay what you are here for. To ignore those rules and laws. Are you sure you cannot bend them? Who made them? And why do you so blindly follow, when your Heart is pulling in the opposite direction? Who holds your shame but you? Do you see the unbalance in living in fear when you are here to live in love?

No one is responsible for you, but you. That means that everyone is responsible for being honest and living their life according to their plan. Follow that trail for a while and see a web of people in this world where everyone falls into their rightful journey, their rightful place, doing and living in love. Seem unrealistic? Perhaps it seems abrupt and messy and impossible. Utopia, you might say. Yes, at first, because we need to clear up the messes we’ve made, the going back when we’ve wandered too far off.. the making things balanced, apologizing, karmic ties and all that aligns into no-judgement, no deciding right and wrong, just hearing your soul calling you to your journey.

Look now at yours. Are you SURE you are walking your path? Living with love? In love? Not duty. Not plight. Not what is expected of you. LOVE. Love is the calling from your soul. Your heart. Because that is gOd within you. Joy. Love. Happiness.

Aligning one rock after the other. Calling in those Heart desires, the elementals that oblige and the honest prayer falling into words coming from somewhere you didn’t know. Until now. Stop faking it till you’re making it. Just step onto your path.

Alignment. Purpose. Passion. Seeds are sprouting. Listen to your Heart. Always.