For you, my love

She delivered her messages. She didn’t fail to show up. He chased her pink lights, but from then till now he soared himself. He rose. Out of the darkness into the light. We are waiting to hear his tales from his journey, hoping they were not in vain.

Hoping that the journey into the void, into the darkness he only knows, delivered him. Some left altogether. Not able to return. We mourn their departure, but we let them go. Knowing they are happier where they are now. Out. Some are still stuck in the Dark. Unable to see still the light and the hands being offered. The path they came here to walk. We keep them in our prayers.

It’s a fine line between the magics. The one that is practiced in light and honesty. And the one that holds but just a drop of ego, on wanting something on someone else’s behalf. It turns bitter and untrue instantly. A fine line. But circles are cast, and integrity called upon. The prayers that ask for nothing. Give thanks. And call in.

Some came back ready to journey on. They caught that spark of vitality, the essence of life and they lit a candle at the end of their worlds and offered up that, which hindered their unfolding, that which made them and broke them, but they returned having rescued the Dragon, and freed the Princess.

A Blue stone fed to the cave. A Solstice rock on the lawn.

She comes back now with a similar message. Darkening the World at her culmination. Things get clearer at the Dark Light. As if the whole world stops and breathes and sleeps a waken dream. Things unweave, unhinge, dissolve a while before the merging goes on, the world spins, the threads twist and turns, everything slows down. The dawn waits, even the Sun holds his breath for this.

Can you feel the change coming? Are you ready? The dots connect, and you felt something that night. Something became clear. Something within culminated but began. It pushed you across that bridge onto a new life. Do you remember how excited you were? How everything tingled in your body? You knew it when you went home and tried to sleep that night. You woke up and your path had changed. And you couldn’t wait to walk it. Where did it call you to?

Wherever you went, this is still your journey. She wants you to know you are held by the light in your own Heart. Listen…. The song she sings will bring you peace and knowing. Just like last time.

Just before dawn. She comes. The song comes.

Image credit: Sammy Slabbinck