Bright and shiny

I let go. I forgot to remember. I forgot to send out prayers and ask permissions. I felt peaceful. I felt at home.

I brought rocks and I forgot to give them to her. I forgot about my prayers. Until I remembered.

I know these lands. I know this soil. I know this ocean. I remember being here. I remember being a child of this place.

She’s there the instant I realize I am not paying attention. Letting me know that just because I don’t say prayers, doesn’t mean I don’t bless, and I don’t pray. Perhaps we become the prayers and the rituals by the way we live our lives. Perhaps we become the healing we need by seeing only love.

For a while unintentionally unplugged. Having been preoccupied. Busy letting life happen. No time to contemplate, ponder, meditate, plug in, channel. Have an opinion. Notice energetics change. Just breathing. Busy. Living. Learning. Enjoying.

Visiting the places from our past that no longer host ghosts, sadness, grief or even an ache for lost times- we are replacing them with newness. New light. New new. New fun. Adventure and curiosity. Like kids- discovering shiny rare semiprecious stones at the shore, balancing on drift wood, climbing into megalithic mound, wondering what those orbs we catch on camera really are – explainable or magical- or maybe both, hoping that those waves are science and magic aligning at last, catching up.

The Wind is so wild, our feet can’t stand still. We turn and lean against it and are supported in a strange way. Being free in our own element. Wild and raw. Free and happy. Rainy, then sunshiny. Wild and windy. The colors rush across the heathland as the sky changes. The Sun breaks through the clouds revealing blue fragments of sky and the Ocean roars with white on turquoise, then green, then grey, dark blue to white on white.

She tells me that just because she’s silent doesn’t mean she’s not speaking, and she reminds me of the multipurpose for coming. His. Mine. Ours. We connect. Intentionally. Just for a while. Remembering how to do it. Remembering how to deliberately plug in. She talks to us differently. Different voices, different messages. Reminding us, we have each our journey, and we have one together. That they intertwine, mix and mirror, weave from each other, forcefully, gently and passionately, then calm and still, almost quietly it sends us off on our own for a while then it calls, pulls and draws us back.

She whispers in my ear and reminds me we have come through somehow to an easier place. The focus directed onwards. The wounds healed. The letting go done. The dance is still on. The light shining brighter than ever.

We came through. Perhaps it was the prayers, the spaces held, the magic weaving, the pilgriming, the rituals in chambers, in groves, lighting candles at New Moons, at Eclipses, the singing, the walking through portals- perhaps it was always coming further down the road and we just had to keep walking towards it.

But now the time has come to look ahead. To look forward. To turn the gaze toward horizons, opportunity, positivity, all the joy to be had, the life to be lived, the future projects that are beginning..

The Sun shines on these hills. He’s found a spot on a rock, catching the rays. I am looking for fossils among the rocks on the beach.

She is speaking to us in all ways possible. She wants to make something known through us. She is and has been carefully, cleverly planting her little seeds, her little clues here and there, exactly so that we’d pick them up. Comparing notes realizing with such awe and wonder, how magical it all is, that the pieces fit, one by one, and that we haven’t even come close to seeing the full picture yet.

The road ahead looks bright. Bright and shiny.