Times like these..

I’ve learned a few things over the past intense years. Growth and passion. Letting go and holding on. The wisdom to know what matters and what was never yours. Hope is always available to you. And hope is that little funny thing that shows you, you are on to the direction you’d like to go. It’s the key to your passion. Your Heart. Stay there and don’t stray. That’s your best friend if there should be no one else. I’ve learned that the only thing that matters is love. Sure, the arguments and the disagreements make you strive and battle and shake loose, hopefully, your ego, but enough is enough and you have to let go of that and those who insist on maintaining the drama, the shitstorms or those who know only how to take and use. Set yourself free. You cannot help anyone, who is not ready to ask for help. You can open your heart and stay there, remembering your light -and compassion and grace will be available to you. Always. It’s a universal principle. It doesn’t mean you can’t refuse those who attack you- you can bless them and walk away. It’s that simple. You CAN walk away from unbalanced friendships or leave them behind when you realize your journey ended. You know in your heart who’s your soul tribe. The ones who love you unconditionally. That means with no conditions. I have a best friend whom I met when we absolutely needed each other- and we were just 13. No matter what life crises have hit for the both of us over the years- and there have been some (!), we can always pick up from where we left it. Connections like those are precious. They are real. They matter. I’ve learned that I am never not loved. I have never not seen that there weren’t angels turning up at my doorstep in the shape of neighbors, teachers, people asking for help who reminded me of how hopeful and strong I am, sisters and brothers across borders who sent their love or picked me up at airports and held out their hands and never expected anything in return. I’ve seen people closest to me come around in a second and fix up their life and get back on track, and within a few months blossoming and living a life they want from their Heart. I’ve learned that passion is the true driver in life, it is never too late to change or go back or go ahead, but the one important thing in life is that no matter how people or situations disappoint you, hurt you, unlove you, attack you, blame you and criticize you- even when you’ve done everything from your heart and it looks they s*** all over it- YOU have your light, you are love. Don’t change or dim to fit in. Shine YOUR light, do YOUR thing, even if it looks crazy to other people or they don’t understand. Be assertive. Know when to put your foot down (yes you can still love hard, but loving hard also means to remain discerning, sharp, assertive, knowing yourself and being clear about it!) know when to trust in yourself.. Trust that when you love doing what you do, you are actually creating more love, and the only love there is, is the love we make… don’t let anyone tell you you can’t be doing it. Stop being a victim, stop blaming others for where you are. YOU are responsible for where you are. What is meant for you- claim it. And if you haven’t felt it, seen it, known it yet.. it’s still coming. Trust. Choose from your Heart and know you are on the way. Women, hand your man back his sword and his freedom, men hand your woman back her powers. Free each other. Live and let live. We are all here together. It’s time we stopped doing anything else but loving. Remember that? Love. Do YOU love what you do? Do you love who you are? Even if you haven’t ‘succeeded’. To succeed is not necessarily arriving- it’s the journey. Whatever it is YOU are here for- do you know what it is? You. Are. Important. You are here for your reason! I keep hearing that song.. Time and time again. I truly believe it means something.