New Year

These quiet hours before dawn when the world is still sleeping, and the night holds us carefree; most souls are still on their astral journeys or just being quietly awake in the morning hours.

I’m awake and at peace. No disturbance, no intrusion. The dark is slowly replaced by singing birds -yes they already sing- the rays of dawn out there on the horizon, that I love so much spotting, being happy that my living room windows allow me to face the East. On days when the Wind is right- I can smell the Salt carried on a breeze through those open windows- that’s how close the Sea is. I smile, because I love being here so much.

I reflect upon the Year gone by. Time and the illusion of it. I could be dwelling on grand stellar aspects and their impact, or that it is New Years Eve, but it’s all only according to time. And perhaps it doesn’t really exist outside of what I make it to be, simply because all there is, is now. Here is where I like to be. Making daily rituals and keeping love in my Heart I don’t need to remember to do it on special days. Portals are everywhere all the time. We can bloom whenever we know it’s right. Make wishes. Manifest. Cleanse. Let go off. Even if it is dark outside and in the middle of a waning Moon period, though it is in the middle of a waxing period and so on.. Everything ends and begins in the same heartbeat. Being alive is grand. We are intelligent souls. We know. Instinctively. Now.

In this now I know that crises are always only there to teach us something. And if crises are in our lives it too shall pass. That when being shaken to your core- loss of parents, loss of loved ones, death, break ups, crises.. always have you arriving at somewhere new, and it does pass. You will smile again. You will bloom again.

The old friends you thought you’d always count on leave, or you leave them because you realize something about yourself that takes you far away from where you once aligned, those nights when you worry so much about where you will live next month and that it has been like that for years being unable to find home, or just rent you can actually afford. Perhaps for years it was finding a job, other years it was finding a family or friends, and loneliness was eating at your soul, you were struggling to finding and trusting and then opening your own heart, releasing and seeing off finally those old frenemies of your soul, finding your path.. Always something.

Crises. It teaches us something. Perhaps the best thing it teaches us is the trust and faith in ourselves. That this too shall pass. And that you have to enter your own Heart and knowing in the midst of all that shit, that love is within and you will be alright. It will be alright. And when you're through it, you realize how strong you are. How blessed you are. How much love you are. And that nothing ever happens to hurt you. You were loved and protected and guided all along.

And you become grateful and humble. Grateful for those true friends and family who share exactly those special things that makes your heart and soul shine, and you care less about those that disappointed you. And that you can dance with the whole world and be love no matter what. You don’t have to shield and protect and deny and shut off. Just be. There is no danger, you don’t have to keep score.

-And.. if you insist on time being real, well then.. Happy New Year 2019. But it is also times likes these you learn to love again. And times like these you give and give again.

It’s times like these. Time and time again.