Waiting for Spring

At the turning points we are fragile. We are either just in or just out. The days are at its longest or at its shortest. Those are the portals. Gates. We are either born into this moment or we are dying out of it. We meet at these opposites forgetting they are the same. The way in and the way out. Dying or birthing?

We are tired. It has been a testing year. The love in our hearts has been stretched and we have worked overtime extending prayers for the dying, prayers for the grieving, invocation of spirits and angels granting blessings, for our Earth, for our times, for the Waters and the Weather, for our fellow peoples, for our bleeding hearts, for releasing old patterns and karmic scripts, for relieving our souls and step into who we really are, caterpillar processes, blessing the new, dancing in a new wave of frequency matching the passion of future sounds, extending love and a space wherein we held those that walked away to find their own paths , and on that journey, in those miles they had to go before they slept, promises were kept and paved the only way possible for them to return to us. Steps that were unavailable to us all before this year passed. This time. So sacred. So beautiful.

Hope is returning to our hearts. The hope that ignites forces and power, that initiates and facilitates change. She is returning to our world, to our sphere. It was always this simple. Always this complicated.

Can you taste it already? The Air and the light? Feel exhilaration in your bones? The joy of another blooming Spring? Can you remember what you were promised in the sacred spaces of your soul? The whisper in the sacred grove? The revealing of your soul’s journey in the chamber? The trail back to the beginning of existence? Do you know you were promised to fulfill the very purpose for coming? That simple. So complicated. That everything you saw manifesting, but didn’t happen, is still there. No one said which year. Remember your sense of humor? The laughter. The joy. That is your fuel, your powerhouse. Remember who you are and why you are here.

It’s that simple. To play. To remember how to play. And be happy. And expect the good things. Just because you know joy. If you forgot then hope is the portal you must pass through.

At the heart of the matter lies a key. I am his, and he is mine.

The new year has already started. Weaving. And we are singing her song.