New Year

Calling to me, She appears on the cards. Now as The Earth Angel.

'She' has come in many forms over the past years, and I have learned to never ignore again the power of invocation. That the choices we made always came from inspiration and certain flows and synchronistic events, that turned out to be significant, important. This wants to be discovered. It wants to be known. So it walks out of my dreams and into reality.

Have you noticed your dreams lately?

Have you noticed the theme going on, or are you still connecting the dots to get the full picture? Are you aware of things coming up from underneath the ground at this time? Do you remember the big messages we got early May? Can you remember when you knew something for the first time? And if you link all this together, do you dismiss the ’coincidence’ or do you see purpose, intelligence? Do you laugh when you find, that things are so obviously visible, that you cannot dismiss the flow of events, the flow of why’s and here we are?

'She' wants to be known in different ways. 'She' has been through many transformations through us, 'He' has too.

They seem to appear together now at last, merged and equal, and now is the time for something beyond the illusion of the exchange of magnetic back and forth forces, the transcendence of duality, we did the work, it is integrated, yes we still see times of calibrating the remaining, and must serve as helpers now we’ve gone through, but now is the time of assisting change.


The straying Masculine principle off on his quest for finding his power, the alignment to purpose and returning at last to the voice in his Heart and forgiving himself finally for having been fixed on listening to the dogma of the old- the voice in his head, the ancestral demands and patterning of leading a life that leaves him miserable, bound to duty and honor, binding and blocking people around him as well, stretching the karma, wasting precious time by having to correct the wrongs.

She cares not for this, She has to be free and will tear down any confinements, any structured cages, physical and metaphorical, to breathe freely and be. Her burden is to bear the weight of knowing that He will catch up eventually, He has already decided, it happened long before any of this, and She carries also, still, the burden of being misunderstood, but only because the level of understanding, accepting behavior and ways of leading lives is formed on the basis of a masculine decoding. In His eyes She is still needlessly destructive, evil, dangerous and malicious, He still doesn’t see that what She ‘destroys’ was already dying within Him, and they go together. Like a chemical principle. And what motivates it is actually love. As soon as He is done dying unto the dysfunctional structures He has designed for living, She will stop obliging to the process and they can live forever. Merged they end duality. The circular loop on repeat tilts into a spiral and the movement changes. Onwards. Becoming a creating principle. As is the intelligence behind every living thing. Love.

Earth Angels appear. Nature is calling. They are talking from everywhere. Through anyone. Lately. She is calling. He is coming. An agreement has been made. They work together. Onwards. The egoic power struggles between them replaced with a mission to heal, to love, to walk in beauty.

It is not too late.

But first, the Water must come.

Have you noticed your dreams lately? Cause when you connect with your Heart at this time, over these transitioning days, you will be called upon. It’s inevitable.