The gate is open. Now.

The light is shining brightly behind it. A vibrating resonance reaching out from it, wanting to unite, merge and mix within not just your cells, but deeper than that. It reaches from the outside to inside, igniting and lighting up that place inside, that is already one and whole but at this time and this place is expanding and growing, shattering the supposed limitation of everything you thought couldn’t be yours or would never be obtained and thus kept you unhappy and discontent.

Ready to let go the all the illusions of whatever darkness that kept you separate from all that you are and have already chosen to become on this journey, everything that you felt in your heart ages ago and pursued, stubbornly, passionately.

It is dark upon the Earth. Time has left and instead an odd feeling of now-here-presence remains. All the messages and rituals from the same event a year before that were noted but not heeded, all played out on a stretch over time. From asking to be delivered. From manifesting it. We got everything we asked for, did you notice? Everything. And still we raged and fell into panic and fear, when we were delivered into those granted wishes. What a miracle.

This sight and this knowing. I know my Heart is finally whole and healed and strong and full of love, and that it happened sometime over the course of a year, that blessed me with kindness and compassion but firmly and sternly took that away from me, that I no longer needed and had to be let go of as it was seriously long overdue. Also I deliberately asked for it. I wanted it. It came from the passion of my Heart.

And at this gate once again, a new spark is growing from within. It’s early, I know. As always. This sight never failed me. But timing and impatience did. Learning to be aligned is different than being humble, it is knowing yourself and what is already your path to be and choosing it consciously. Perhaps the ability to manifest is often confused with knowing your potential for having and becoming. Walking towards that which is already yours.

Giving thanks and blessings to this strange year, that happened like a blink of an eye. The worst of times, that then seemed to go on forever in a loop of time that just would not pass by, and almost cruelly beautiful at the same time. Birth is hard work. Transitioning is hard work. Do or do not, there is no try!

The old Year folds. It has been for days. The light gone. Darkness upon this part of the world. What are you ready to give up? What can re-enter back into cycle? What stands in your way for becoming that bright light shining joy, life, love and passion? If you never cast it, it can’t be taken away from you. What does your heart tell you to embrace? If you never hold out your hands and ask for it, you can’t receive it.

The new Year is dawning. Can you feel Her? She wants to birth within you and bring forth Spring and sunshine, light moments and joy. Compassion and kindness. Fun and daring adventures. Your calling, your path, your rightful soul family, perfect health and vitality, love and friendship, laughter replacing tears, breaths and dreams, songs and music, dance and sexy swimming at midnight, stars upon a clear night sky, standing on the Earth somewhere sacred and connecting to her secrets.. whatever your true Hearts’ desires are..

Walk through this portal. The time now is sacred. Blessed Solstice.