The after

Come into your own. A little headline that stretched over years and not done in a few days. Those visions deliver their messages long before they unfold and integrate, but work slowly, surely. As a theme within the symphony the flow keeps returning to- checking up on your own work.

I dreamed of butterflies in the white valley long before they flapped their wings into reality.

There was a presence surrounding the final preparation that craved attention and work. She came because she was invoked. Her teachings relevant, and She wanted to be known and no longer misunderstood. She is the principle we have yet to fully understand, a vibrating resonance yet beyond explaining in words that cannot contain her essence.

She was powerful, but not unpleasant. She came to teach, to have a place without words. She came through me, as a morphing experience. She brought healing beyond measure. She brought peace. But first she brought war, chaos, death and destruction. The cure was a million times worse than the disease.

That’s how far the principle pattern carried in me had been thwarted, misused, abused, punished, worshipped, adored, loved, then feared, then oppressed. The many wounds, the many layers of karmic loops repeating themselves into forever. She wanted to be free. To be known. Known. Not interpreted. Not understood.

We have yet to understand the power of uniting. The dynamics of sacred movement within the frequency it creates once we cease to want to bind any of it, but just let it journey onwards. Detached from needs. Trust the intelligence behind. Release the need for understanding and explaining but just knowing instead.

It was the after that was promised. The after could only manifest through initiation. A word often mistaken with beginning.

Once invoked the promise of success set things in motion that could not be undone. The symbol that lost meaning over time and was given back. Offered up. For healing purposes. It cracks the energetics surrounding it. It pushes and pulls at everyone who believed in it. It has become an altar of outdated beliefs, the loop of misunderstanding. The loop of not doing the work, but wanting prediction and quick fixes.

We let go of our teachers along the way. We surpass them to come into our own. Following your own journey, you shine your own light.

The golden liquid flows in your veins and fills up who you are with alignment, with affirmation, with a feeling that takes away any doubt and feeling of not belonging and you know finally, perhaps for the first time in your life, that not only are you loved, you are love itself. Connected to infinite potential, sound and vibration.

The feeling you never quite trusted -that all is right and well within you, you can trust. You can let go, because you are held.

This was the promise of the dream before the end of all things:

The Ocean at the foot of this hill was calling me. White wings unfolded. Three times in a row in the dreamscape. The calmness of this place, this state. Pausing. Serenity. As a counter existence to the storms of day- life. I venture further into it. Farther away from being able to come back. In the space between, some scripts fulfilled and done, now waiting to journey with us, from us, with an expanded mind, a live sOul, nurtured from the fruit from the Tree Of Life, we get to create. Make manifest. The big question lingers. 'What do you want?' The Heart rejoices. It's her time.

The dream that came true <3