Return to the forest

We’ve become part of this forest. Or perhaps it has become something that runs wild within us. Ultimately there to challenge whatever it represents within of things uncontrollable and wild, landscapes we’ll never fully master but always must co-exist with, play in, but must obey, praise, understand, respect, care for and love, while She holds us, feeds us, nurtures and grounds us, lets us run wildourselves, allowing the elements and wilderness be a mirroring liminal space within, neither feminine, nor masculine, where the responsibility for growth and transformation is not through duality- back and forth- either or, but a constant vortex forward that just sparks off whatever season or energy focus is on. And defining that force becomes unnecessary whereas instead flow does. And the ability to dance with what is. It was always somewhere we enjoyed spending time together. A notion to leave behind all maps and just go, get out there, knowing we will instinctively, intuitively just find our way in as well as out. Dark or day, no matter. Wherever we need to go, we go. The sensuous scent of pines, smoke from fireplaces in the forest houses, wet soil, decaying leaves mixed with the salty air of the ocean is luring us out, further into the woods than we’ve ever been before. Sharpened senses, our states altered and opening the second sight while we walk and let the feet find their magnetic pulls. Though we’ve been apart for so long it feels like no time has passed between us. That’s the real deal between true friends. We are granted time, now, to catch up after our long journeys to rebirth and letting go, having been on a similar journeys respectively. Seems like the magic invoked and prayers sent were received and reciprocated by projecting a synchronicity in each other’s direction as to reassure all was well, though walking through that darkness was scary and testing. -The best gift from the invisible world that weaves the outcome as we go along, choices and destinations, but we are finally standing strong in ourselves, just as intended. Hearts beat free and flowing. We are passing by a familiar place unintended. We laugh and leave a little offering to this sacred place, that held our intentions and vows not so long ago- we are happy, that we were so blessed then, as we are now, The strength and the purpose of succeeding, the mix between intention and luck- if one believes in such things. The Wind greets us as we follow those instincts and surrender to the call of that Wild that always initiates us. We pause for a moment at that movement toward us and notice the impact of sudden Wind on trees. How magical and easy everything is. The darkness calls and cocoons us. Nuit cradles us in her realm of deathlike peace, shortly, momentarily, guarding and keeping us on our astral journeys, while Earth spins and lets night press a billion starry kisses on her cheek on her way to morning. They wake me, gently and call me outside in the middle of the night. I know where to look. I know they are there. They remind me of a purpose whispered to me in a sacred chamber. I don’t know what it means yet, and I let him sleep, still, though I know he is part of that equation, just as he knows. An awe, that for a moment feels like fear, but changes into a humbling comes upon me, as if I had forgotten the connection, and how vast it is, the cosmos. How small and insignificant, yet so precious, so important we are. It links me back to something I have always known and respected. But in this night, under these stars, I smile for just standing there. Knowing how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to know lOve.