Wednesday in November

Energies are so intense these days and we realize we've come so, so far, by taking a moment reality checking and allowing things to catch up. Letting the vibration of all the peace that followed, nurture and caress our tired beings. Let it touch our cores. Almost like a healing. Like an angel passing through the room. In that quiet we hear the song of lOve singing from every cell of our beings. Aligning heartbeats from our embrace. We notice that the first snow is falling just outside our window and that Winter is here with all his quiet serenity. We did it, we did! All is well. All is well. Everything fell into place, it all worked out, it was all good, all for something beyond our comprehension at the time, and we feel in tune and in sync with the heartbeat of existence, knowing our parts in it is so so beautiful and blessed.

I know in my Heart and Soul I have loved you forever, before time, and I always will.

I smile from the depths of my being knowing I was so incredibly lucky (or just clever, I can't tell) to come here with my very best friend.