Sacred Time

The trials are behind you, the integration and all the you without the makeup, released from past and scripts at last, enjoying the quiet time of the darker days, the quiet mornings, that light over the ocean just before sunrise, the waning moon got your back. It’s after culmination, it’s after the finish line and you breathe out and take some moments to touch the new.

In the field of all knowledge you are finally asked inside to foresee again. Gatekeepers amused and not without their usual sense of humor, you enter and ask. The web of forever always weaving.

Checking up on the field of Sunflowers now growing and greeting you, you know there is another seed yet to be planted. Perhaps several this time? The portals opening. The veil thinning. But not yet, not yet. Arrangements are being made, the Fire is burning passionately, sparking ideas and awakening again that within, that you were promised would not have disappeared, merely put on hold, while other things had to unfold. Those earthquakes that shook us all over the year, merciless or merciful, depending on how you see it still, the energies that passed through us all, whether we felt it timely or not, and made us release, let go all that we really no longer needed but still desperately clung to. All the things promised to us are still here. Still waiting to find expression, action, manifestation. They still want to be.

Once we raise ourselves and our consciousness to that space where things interweave and connect, and we give up our impatience and our perception of time, and just step into the acceptance of all things unfolding as they should and for the highest good for everything, we see it. The web. We also see ourselves, our lights, the overwhelming acceptance and remembrance of who we are, how vast everything is, how intelligent the source of love is. You accept your small ego and its function in this contrast of endlessness. And you forgive yourself, but by forgiving you claim responsibility and call back your mis-takes. Undo. Unweave. Release. Let go. Step into your light instead. And become all that you only need to be and always was. Love. It’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever be.

Needs, longings and wants are all part of the drive towards knowing yourself. They are all forces of your nature and have to be acknowledged. Transformed, perhaps, but still, you. Part of you. So where are we now? After all the work done? What is next?

Clusters of this dark season appear and invite us in. They are part of a journey unfolding. Just as they promised, had we had the wits to listen and understand the omens on the field that day, in the last portal. Great gatherings and homecomings. There are sacred lands calling to us. To be reawakened and to reawaken us to far more and something new.

Can you feel the pull in your heart? The Fire burning so bright these days? After the big release and just before the New Year intention setting? This time is sacred. Ask yourself…. What wants you? Is it in alignment with what you want? Are you shining your light? Knowing you have the potential to do all that what makes your soul sing? Think about it