Coming together

Wandered off in a direction to meet yourself? The curious soul still searching. Still young and childlike inside. Did you forget about the mountains climbed? Did you forget about synchronicity? Forget how to not move away from an anchored power there within? The cardinal phasing. Constantly checking up on the outside. Or withdrawing within and not coming out until Spring.

The call from the life in a desert. The ancient soul songs. You remembered them instantly and it reopened your memory to your own life there. You started recognizing the souls who singing along lit up, and you remembered them in different contexts in different skins, but familiar all the same. The star people. The sound people. The frequency people talking about waves and spiral movement.

How long will you be a follower and instead the facilitator and step into your own purpose? How long will you keep excusing yourself? Finding a balance from the within to the without that makes you stable and solid for once; needing to gather one final clue. You receive a hundred affirmations a day. Don’t shut the eye that sees or the ears that hears.

Honor and respect that there is a physical gate you must gain access to, and it takes human years to get there. It is not a physical road as such from a to b. You can’t access it by journeying inwards, or through anymore books, more classes on esoteric. You already KNOW. Now, those are earthly rules and acquire physical steps and earth time. Endurance of all kinds of sorts and tolerating political agreements, ridicule, bureaucratic decisions, while your sacred rocks are eroding, their songs are disappearing while you instead of their songs and what they can teach you about environment, charging a landscape, feeding a people the right food, teaching you things you’ll never read in a book until you write it yourself, listen to tedious explanation of war and his-(s)tory and are expected to believe the Kings who conquered and ordered the writers to construct time as they want you to think you know it as well. You see through the falsity and pretenses of the usual social interaction of the insecure who’d rather placate and please than stand strong in their own, so you bless it all the same and see the lOve there still unfolding and you rejoice over life in general though you don’t have to journey through it again and stay away. Dismissing that which isn’t true.

You keep to your practice. Blessing, praying, invoking. Waiting and journeying along. Day in, day out. That’s how time goes. Leaving that dimension and knowing there are other worlds to be in at the same ‘time’.

The flowing light in the emotional states. Your dreams let you out. Such dreams to keep you sharp, yet longing. For but a second already arrived, yet still here and not there in your lover’s arms.

Conditioned still and finally perhaps learning to manifest means to be here. Physically. Tangibly. Discovering that a phrase of yours was once ‘Nothing is written in Stone’ and then laughing heartedly at yourself and gOd’s sense of humor.

Just remember who you are and know it is all coming together.