On mission

The stargates open and their presence is noted. It is instant and familiar. The Circle is cast and the people who felt called appear. They all take their place and we start weaving. This is tribal work. For however short or long. This is the school of life where the heart is open and the soul sings. There is a recognition of movement, and dancing to and with those energetics is essential for unfoldment. There is lOve here. The basis for all growth.

We stay even though we think we have left. Whatever has been invoked is still in progress. We may be disturbed by returning to our waking daylife. But the dreamscape lets us out onto journeys in the within that are profound with the wisdom only adventure of the improbability drives provides.

What have you seen? Where have you been? What flowers are you still holding in your hand upon returning to this realm? Are you back asleep or are you still awake? Is the silver in your hair stardust or just age? That spark in your eye reflects perhaps the starry vault that cocoons this Earth-realm? Did you converse with your planets, the fixed stars, do you know how they shine for you or did you remember you created them and brought back to Earth exactly everything you needed of desired constellations?

Knowing that in full, you begin to understand the entrance and exit are but small polarity points, and when you master them life is precious. So short. So everlong. Time is the greatest trick. The greatest gift. The paradox and the condition of being here.

You stretch at last that out into the world around you what you know you are. Shine. Just trusting that. You really don’t have time to do anything else.

The teacher finds my eyes as he says that. It ignites the Fire within. The heat rises. The eyes produce overwhelming and revealing instant tears from a heart that is yearning but is comforted at the same time. It just knows. We are here at the same time.

So ask yourself, are you wasting yours on the denying yourself what you want most. Not ego-want, but heart and soul honoring-want?

Sometimes you need a push, sometimes you need a thousand steps in the ‘wrong’ direction to come back onto your path? Will you write that book that has already manifested within you? Will you accept your psychic abilities and that you see what others don't? Will you go to that mountain top? Will you call that group of souls together and initiate them? Will you finish school and remember why you need that diploma for something completely different? Will you sing from your heart and take your designated and chosen place in the world? And shine, just shine. You matter for this time. Figuratively.

Will you know you are here for a reason? You soul scripts, your mission, your path? Find the ones you need to walk with. They are your teachers, your friends, your lOved ones.

When those stargates have opened, they never close, and you can’t ignore the mission.