Invocation and Fire ceremony

The Fires you ignite, the words you speak, do you realize their power? The sound that is formed into certain words, they manifest. You know. Which universe do you create? And are you in it when time catches up and delivers? The world you asked for. Were you honestly aware when you asked for it?

Wading across the river. Entering those fields into a highly energetically charged landscape. Accessed and initiated. You ask. You carry that flame in your heart, aware or unaware. Consciously or by chance? Deliberate and focused, fixed on breaking through? They already know your intention. They know your soul DNA. Intention for coming. Even before you thought about it yourself. They may even have called on you. Because they knew before you did. Imprinted on you in your sleep. Planted a vision in your memory. Maybe even before this time. Maybe you helped build the place. Perhaps you are one of them, and that’s why you know. All this.

Carrying that with you across the River that needed to be cleansed and purified. A token. A symbol you were gifted on a mountain somewhere else on this journey. This vibration had to be raised. So you gave it up. And everything it meant. Willingly. You buried it in the ground. Now, every act is sacred. You cannot expect to not be heard, received, granted with vows so intense exchanged in your Heart. What were you thinking?

You pushed through the membrane. You had the foresight to ask. You brought an offer. You were recognized in the chamber. You spoke their language even when you thought you couldn’t. Who do you think is speaking through you now?

Do you not realize you are in the Heart of getting everything you asked for? What did you expect? Are you that seduced by physical life, that you believe in those man-made decriptions of what succeeding means? Or can you remember, honestly, why you are here? Did that change your perspective, shift your mood, ease your heart? And is it the non-alignment to your illusory demands of yourself to align with a journey that isn’t yours to take that keeps you in the loop of depression?

Because you were happy in the wilderness. You were in tune with your soul on those fields. Your heart felt free. You knew. And that knowing ignited you and set your soul alight.

I asked for this to happen. I asked for a complete disintegration of the old ways, that kept us from moving into lOve. Creating like the word, creating into existence. It was taken from me. But I remembered then, at some point, I asked for it to happen. To have that removed from me that no longer served the purpose of my soul’s journey. I asked to be only in lOve, so everything that wasn’t lOve had to fall away.

See, human life takes time. It is not an instant deliver. We get to see the disintegration. We get to go through the transformation. We get to feel how painful death is. We also get to experience the unbelievably beautiful births. Holding within our little bodies ecstatic jOy, sensations that are out of this world. And now lOve is all that is left.

And for that sacred landscape over there on that particular field where my Heart was rebirthed… Who knows what was whispered into the soil for thousands of years? How many full moons, eclipses, Venus flowers, Mars risings and all their magical shines are contained within the white quartz? What songs and vibrations do they hold? Did you ever taste it? The soil? So how do you even know what truth is? What stardust tastes like? What knowing beyond what someone else told you or proved to you is real? And when did you stop being curious to find out for yourself and settled with dogma of books and accepted being told and not knowing for yourself? Did you ever talk to land? Plants? Animals? Trees? Rocks? The Wind? The River? Fire? ... Stars? So how can you ever possibly know the unseen world if you never bother to go out and meet it? But when you do know… You have to accept human time, human process to be gone through. YOU have to do the work! Isn’t it just absolutely magical?