When we are wild

Do you remember the thrill of wind against you? So wild it seemed to gush right through you, wake you, shake you, raise your own inner wild, the heat, the awakening of the natural songs in there, the joy, the thrill, the excitement of being subject to those forces that almost knock you over and you turn and run with it, run till your pulse threatens to burst your chest and your blood rushes with such rage you almost can’t contain it, and then you tumble to the ground laughing till your belly hurts and make tears roll down your cheeks, that are already stinging from the cold on your face, and your vision turns blurry trying to focus on the silver lining rays of sun that are so bright.

To stop the world from spinning and regaining balance you focus on the ground underneath you, carrying you, holding you, breathing through you, uniting and becoming one with the rocks piercing your clothes and poking your back, while the enticing smell of fresh grass, heather, wild flowers and the waiting ocean beneath the cliff, all seduce your senses.

Your hair already smelling of the forest we just came through, because every little visible - or -to some- invisible- being followed and studied you curiously, then welcomed you, initiated you, kissed you for coming and sprinkled your head with their blessings, that’s how adored you are. Your eyes still reflecting the color green from the memory of trees, closing mine and kissing you, that’s all I always see, trees.

Tickled already, overloaded senses, and the joy of being alive here with you by my side in this moment makes me ecstatically elevated and free.

This is how I remember you.

This is how I remember our days.

This is the time I foresee and know is coming and is still ahead of us. Again. Anew.

These days like before any take off, the body sensations are being tested. The ability to bear joy, to hold it, to keep it alive, adrenaline and body fluids and chemicals all allowed, just because it’s part of the human constellation we have agreed to subject to. Forget about trying to deny it (why should we?) Do you understand now, how much you are loved and adored? And can you bear that, to know without a doubt that all you are here for is to love and be loved in return?

Reconnection to Sun and Source essential and the memory of being fully able to shine is restored. And shining is all there is now.

Can you remember those days outside? Can you taste still how sweet it was, and that it is all we need to do, for the rest of our lives?

Well, almost all.

The year folds now, the trees shake the remains of their leaves. The first portal opening up into Winter and frost is already here, ready to crystalline our new vows and take them with him into dark for seeding. That they may melt and merge into the growing Spring bursting on a May day next year and have us taste them on the unfolding green leaves of Beech trees in the Sacred Grove.

Will you keep the promise of your Heart? Will you spark a new glow, that holds within it the memory of trees, the essence of our Summers, the exchange of our hands, now looking ahead, walking together, creating magic and adventure?

The first night crossing that threshold, honoring the Death and Darkness. So much had to die and make a dark fertile soil for the new to grow. There is always, always another Spring. But now come the times of dark days and dark nights. Cold winds and naked trees. The ground is frozen and Mother Earth is resting. It doesn’t mean the magic is gone. It’s when it’s at its greatest, the quiet, unseen, withdrawn, but busy creating and preparing for us to run wild and free on those hills again, through those forests, carrying our feet to new adventure, the new life that comes after.

That is what we're gifted, the magic of nature, the joy of being alive and wild in the halls of Her wilderness. We have a purpose there. We know that.

I fall a sleep to a vision of sitting on a rock, above the quiet sea below, safe in your arms after a day of rock climbing, swimming in the Sea and playing in the Sun. We were watching the sunset on a full moon night. The pink clouds formed an omen made for you.

I fall asleep knowing that we get our messages alright, we just need to be patient with unfolding and time. We live partly outside the time space frame, but we must obey Earth laws. When we know how to, life becomes… Wild.