Goodbye to a friend

These are the times when the veil thins and thins. The living room is a portal of ether and all the spirits are here. The dream state delivers messages that are real, sorted from the unreal, and leaves me to decide and decipher which reality is really real. Multidimensional this experience of life on Earth.

Perhaps we are the messengers, one foot on each of these continents, in and out of dimensions. Perhaps we are related to those the birds whose shrieks call to our souls because we know instinctively. We also smell the weather and feel the subtleties of elemental forces and their connection to cosmos. Their movements in, out, and then we cease to differ and it becomes a mutability.

The liminal spaces are everywhere, the altered state a constant, the journey in and out of realms while merging them all and space- time ceases to exist. The past, the present-the future, they are all one, and nothing is really happening, it is but my sOul stretching and expanding towards experience while breathing in and breathing out an agreed number of times, until my breathing is no more.

This is the human time given to us. With all our agreements, alignments, soul contracts, free will in the selected fated-ness, learning about our heart capacity. Learning to remember through the amnesia, regaining awareness and consciousness and venture beyond our little expiration dated brains.

I know this is why the whitehaired teacher taught me about the centripetal and the centrifugal on the top of the mountain we thought we needed to climb. I suppose we need the journey physically to connect with the ley lines of a place that opens the last gate to our consciousness and you are in forever and cannot leave that place. Once invited, you see. Once opened you know. Once you cast the rock off it is gone from you. The unlearning cannot go undone. He showed me how to align and release at the same time. I found the same symbol on those rocks pointing to the very same cosmos. The spiral movements. The wisdom. In and out. As above, so below.

Sometimes your walk needs to be done alone, so certain other things can catch up with you.

The souls you lost come back. Everything gets sorted. If you journey far and wide enough it is yourself, you meet in the doorway of transformation. You are back where you started, though you have never been here before.

The soulmate came to see me before he left this realm and journeyed on to his next. He came to tell me it was his time and we needed to part as friends. He gave me something back, that always belonged to me, and told me to be careful not to give it away ever again. For anything. That was his parting gift to me. He had held onto it all this time and he knew it didn’t belong to him, so he couldn’t take it with him.

We tie up the loose ends in this time, and the veil may or may not thicken again, and perhaps my living room will be empty of ether and spirits again.

The tears are for times lost, for times we had, for the love we did share, for letting go, for understanding separation, lOve and not love, for knowing eternity, for being alive, for being grateful and most of all just for being human.

~For Jan, June 12th 1971-September 24th 2018. Rest in peace <3