Are you ready?

Ready to cross? Over? Looking back at yourself, leaving the you, you held onto for so long. Identified with? Knowing that in this loop of resets, everything you saved for later, will come back around? It’s potent now. It is calling you. I am calling you, can you hear me?

Do you fell the pull from across space and time now? Do you realize the chord was only stretched, never broken? Who did you pray to, that held you close to a promise you made from before you came here? Do you remember it? Can you hear a bell like laughter from somewhere unable to be located, but has you thinking you have perhaps gone a littler mad (er), a heartily laughter in the middle of this uphill in 9th gear, heavy rain and wind, and energetics as thick and heavy as moving forward in tar—and you carry on, you push through this because you know on the other side of this hill, you will know who is laughing so joyfully, that where that person is, must be somewhere beautiful, and it has you fixed on arriving. Do you not realize it is yourself in a future you designed for yourself?

That you designed this for yourself. And only gOd knows why. Well, you and gOd. Cause you’re the same. gOd doesn’t exist outside of you, so remember, you know all of this and why. You have that power. To accept and withdraw your power, and that power gives you strength. In the closing in on arriving, you count the steps. You count the days. You count the hours. It has been 6 months since your last embrace.

The thrill has you sleepless again, adrenaline starts running through your veins and the chemical substances that are produced only from that crazy brain of yours that cannot be faked or wished for respond and turn into a hundred different songs that start playing little cadences and refrains that run then in every direction of your system, into your body, your thoughtflow and you, being wide awake, start phrasing little lyrics.. again. It’s the first glimpse of what’s coming. You are nudged, urged, encouraged and called to focus on the good things. Peeking through the door that is opening. To a future that has not yet revealed itself to you.

The rush that is coming, though you may think that now you are older and wiser, calm must certainly accompany your days coming. Oh, think again, life is about to surprise you. You are here to live and explore. To be an adventurer, to breathe and be, to feel every rush of excitement, the beat in your body stemming from a passionate and joyful heart.

Are you ready to cross over? To let that all go, that held you back, the retrace that has been going on, pausing you, muting you, thinking you were depressed and sad, unable, out of power, powerless, dysfunctional, mad, sad, tired, over?

Listen to that laughter.. Follow it as if it was the White Rabbit. Pass that Full Moon on the way, pass the culmination, look back on all that was, and then just breathe it out. Know within that there is purpose that goes beyond anything. That's the substance coming into creation now. Get ready to breathe in.