Libra New Moon

She climbs closer. Addressing the final question. These golden moments where everything comes to life just before their release of grips. It’s no small Moon going and coming. She is ending her journey right there, again illuminating one final hint to be noted before the darkness. Offering just enough of her medicine to create a sacred space of wisdom for the final encounter.

The deep transformation. This grand culmination of many moons leading up to this. This doorway before the new. It is final. Ready to be let go off. Slowly building. Growing in size to make sure we saw it. We felt it. Understood her message. Drank her medicine and let the cure work through us, endured it while it felt like poison. It wasn't.

Then, there is a new life. Tomorrow. So easy is death. Welcomed. Taken on as a celebration.

She hosts this meeting, the Lady of this House, together we are invoking Moon magic. The moment they meet and look at each other in the mirror. The One in my belly, the One in the Sky.

Who have you become, wOman?

The moment; sacred. This moment. A rite of passage. Once in a lifetime. They will never meet again like this.

Understanding in this brief moment of true healing that opens up in the space time, the Cross road, the deep awareness of foundation. Where the roots have been put down. Who I truly am at the base of my being. What did I hold there, that was released? What is my truth? Who am I, now? Called to put roots down to the Earth. Hands dirty from soil. I have a bridge there to cross over, in and out of realms any time I need to go. Many orbits to choose from. But the journey there brings wisdom, peace and balance to the outlook, where She is right above of me all the time. Governed perhaps by emotions, but those emotions were always doors to intuition. She’s a crown I get to wear, always guided by a higher feminine principle, the Journey she takes is another cycle, and not as fast and everchanging; she has access to true beauty. Oppositions are always knocking on your doors simultaneously. Balance is always necessary. Flow.

The gaze in this mirror. We know who we’ve become. We know why.

We meet in this House overlooking all opportunity to becoming. I am reminded of the wOman I am.

We look to our homes respectively. Know where we come from. What journeys we've been on to arrive here. Together. To exchange our stories, learning from our wisdom. Intuitively understanding the endless possibilities opening up for us, wielding those energies available to us. Like pure gOld for weaving.

That briefest of moments that opens the Universes and lets you have an endless, timeless moment of letting go all that you know is done and calling in the song of creation at the same time. To weave anew. It’s here in the next day.. Celebrate. The day is magical.