The New Song

The space that was held was doubled up on time and the mirrored prayers. A space waited to hold its lOvers. Across space and time and out of it everything was transformed. Went back to the hands of gOd to be uncreated, undone. Left raw and wild again in a state before the new, it went elsewhere in the many realms of the universe and became an unsung song. A frequency.

It withdrew for a while from manifestation. Waited for better cosmic weather.

Sent them off in opposites directions. Made their hearts bleed and breathe the Air.

Infusing their respective journeys with equal amounts of faith and despair, enough to keep them working, enough to keep them to the Fire within, honoring the exchange of a handshake. The promise. To always find each other again. Whether in this life or another.

But the separation had purpose. It wanted them to succeed in becoming whole within. To put their egos before the presence of gOd. To strip them from anything that wasn't lOve. To call back their souls from other places in time that were stuck and bound by energetic wounds and traumas. The journey in healing has many doors through which we must enter and endure that walk-through.

Learning the only way there is to know it, that separation is truly an illusion, had we but listened. Though seeking help and advice to endure the pain of the darkest hours had purpose. Too. Asking for help at those stages. Asking for comfort. Asking to be held. Asking to be not alone. Dismissing all the preaching of love and light but wanting to know lOve and Light. Wanting to understand and see through these patterns and honor THIS jOurney, not compare and fall into more traps of dogma. To find the courage to keep walking through the darkness and not turn back. Not walk back into sedation, closing the eyes and opening the One instead. True friends would appear. Untrue fall away. Alignments with assertiveness. Strength. Embarking new journeys, that would serve as pillars, foundations for the new.

He walked on ley lines and claimed his ability to see. Accessing all the Magic he is. Blessed by his Angels accepting their presence on his path. He claimed his power. He learned to walk again. To talk again. He walked to the end of the world and found the peace in his Heart. Wisdom and knowing of self. jOy and happiness for no particular reason. His heart stronger than ever. He prayed for Her. And the golden thread started weaving again.

She sat by the infinite Ocean and watched the waves and learned to hold space. The ultimate feminine principle. One tiny golden drop of faith infused her heart with peace, enough to keep the Broken heart open, she began praying. For him. For her. For their Union. Infused by blue light and walking through chambers to rebirths. Did her work. She found jOy and happiness for no particular reason. Her heart stronger than ever. She prayed for Him. And the golden thread started weaving again.

Across time and space they were then called back into their Union. A word. A breath. A new song from the same frequency. The new dawn. Honoring the Union. Praying for that only which is for the highest good, the sOuls purpose.

Learning the only way possible to eliminate and release from this realm and all dimensions the illusion that there could ever possibly be any separation between them. And seeing clearly what that old disbelief did to them.

The space held now manifesting a new world for them. lOve is the thread being spun and weaved. A path forward. In lOve.