Rise like the Dawn

Go now, go within. There is a second coming. Let them go now all those illusions of rights and wrongs. You made them up. You forgot your claim, the eternal address in an endless Universe, the door through to the space where all your needs and wisdom always available to you. But the journey to that knowing is not through knowledge. YOU have to do the work. Consult the voice in your Heart.

It’s in the small hours, the dark moments that are exceeded by the bright, in the pushing through narrow straits to cross great waters that you are reminded. It’s in the drowning moments when you come up for Air. It’s in the push out of comfort zones, out of comfortable truths, even if you find that many enough are repeating the same truth, you still must question it. Is it YOUR truth? Ask yourself. Know yourself. Dismiss it if it insults your sOul. Be passionate about the beat in your Heart. The pulse in your blood. What drives you? What can’t you deny?

Don’t be content with repeated truths, don’t be satisfied with dogma. Don’t confuse self-responsibility with anything other than the instant forgiveness that follows when deeply realizing something you didn’t know before. Understand deeply the meaning of forgiveness. What does it mean? If you are blaming yourself, belittling yourself and start walking small, you are deluding yourself. Everybody is responsible for their own actions. And then realize deeply there is no right or wrong. There are only paths and choices. Where do you shine? Where do you dim your light to fit in?

Realize this truth: You are whole within yourself. The sacred marriage within is granted by law, the very principle for existing. All you need to know is that it’s already there. Stop chasing a better life, a better future, a better version of you. Realize instead the split it creates, the immediate judging whether something is better than the other. There is only lOve and life with all the jOurneys. Go be on them.

Stop trying to make everyone fit into the same jOurney. Honor their journeys as well as your own. Listen to their stories. Tell them yours. Listen to each other. Don’t preach. Exchange. Laugh. Support.

Know that everyone is going through something you may not know about. Bless them on their way. Bless your own path. Invoke all your light and your lOve. Be your own divinity. Pray. Pray for others.

We are all One, but we are all different expressions of that One. Live and let live.

Call in your strength now. Come into the being of your purpose. That’s all that matters. Wishing for your own alignment. All else will fall into place. Trust. Then take a step. Your step.

Call in the strength of your wisdom. You have been walking through many wounds that needed healing. In readdressing them fearlessly, you have released them. Trust that they are gone now.

Be like the dawn. Rise. Shine. It’s a brighter day. Come out of the shadows now. The dark night is over, though it’s not yet full midday. Come out anyway. Regardless of any other constellations, seasons change and retrograde planets. What you plant now will grow regardless. You will smile and know you were right, by the special tint of the pink flowers blossoming in the Spring coming, and sigh with wonder when you taste it on the Apples that are only ripe sometime next year. You are always a universal sOul, undefined by this 3D world and its borders. There are Suns greater than what you can see with your 2 eyes. Your time is not linear.

Be the new beginning. Be the jOy. Be peace. That space you were holding; see it manifest now. Becoming that heaven on Earth you created with your songs of hope. Be lOve.