A wOman's sail

There’s a pink dawn inside me that mirrors the beautiful Sunrise this morning. All things finally ended, the pull and the arriving. Who is to say what is what and which actions led to beginnings? It’s the instinct. The notion from inside. That knows. Perhaps the call I heard made me react? Which call are we responding to? Is there truly any division between any you and me, or are we all in the same motion, just responding, reacting as always, gravitating around the same magnet? As long as we agree, what else matters? Moving towards the same goal. On the same journey. Still.

And there are more precious conversations that sometimes take place in the invisible, in the wordless, in the telepathic. Where things are better explained and exchanged. Understood and planned, before they manifest and are carried out in the 3D.

I breathe and pause in the pinkness, though this time I am hopeful, not sure, and I laugh at the irony of things still being reversed, travelling on a higher octave of the same constellation and the inside outness is still valid. I think it might just be like that always. Certain constellations and their energetics can’t be shaken, but they can be looked at from other angles, and then we transcend the fated, and prove we are indeed free.

I feel grateful. Breathing a littler freer now, a little less tense, though I still trust the ancient, but newfound wisdom of my Heart, I know there is work to do. Still.

Letting go the finalities of the heart called event of this Summer. Knowing they finally let go of me, served their purpose, passed through me. Turned me inside out. Let me become who I needed to be. Let me go and connect with what and where I needed to stand and feel the pulse of the Earth to hear my purpose realign with what I had to adjust to, realign with, the awakening to birthing a new age, calling in soul tribe, setting sails for a new course.

A wOman’s most precious belonging, her sail.

And you can’t go anywhere without some Wind. This breeze is friendlier, this pleasant shift from Earth to Air. All that I know is I’m breathing. Now.