The Venus Diary

You may age and gain experience, but that does not mean that you have truly listened to, and heart, the heart-scripts. Awareness is not necessarily a product of age related maturity but more a reflection on the ability and willingness of your sOul to truly heal, learn from, integrate and move on from those scripts and patterns that seem to continually re-occur over the course of your life. It is a raw process to identify your heart-scripts and how they have defined your perception of your experience of love. Moreover it is also honest to seek guidance, when your ego may prefer to sit as is and cope, as opposed to humbly expose your sOul to true growth. And you know, it is still painful, when those scripts arise even beneath the comforting blanket of awareness, since hurt is hurt and disappointment arises from egoic expectation/ entitlement/ a sense of deserving… However, as you truly ‘feel’ the experience, as opposed to ‘understanding’, then your body (physical and emotional) can know what it is gaining and can sharpen your sense to ‘warn’ you as those scripts arise again, as they will do, in time.

These scripts arise periodically for you to address, each time the initial echo can soften as you peal back layer upon layer until the raw essence is revealed. Once revealed, acceptance, compassion and time are but three ingredients that support lOve to help raise the ‘vibration’ of that pattern so that you can experience a more conscious, more refined and more ‘constructive’ expression of those puppeteering archetypes.

As your heart prepared to undergo another process of metamorphosis, the current heart-light cycle draws to a close and with it the intention you set on the 25th March 2017 to openly express the passion, truth and vision of your heart, without hindrance or expectation of ‘return’. You have, undoubtedly, gained so much from this vulnerable expression, and have many stories to tell – some dramatic, some profound, but all valuable, as your heart is likely to have become more open, freer and less contained and controlled than before, as it prepares to journey deeper into the Shadow of deeply charged, and at times biased, emotions that have started to push to the fore in recent weeks. Those patterns have their origins within your perception of the tribal and ancestral roots from which your sOul was born, and they have shown themselves in your desire for depth and emotional intimacy within an intimate relationship, as opposed to being a therapist for someone else.

Exploring the blocks or fears that arise preventing you to connect at that level with another, will be an ongoing theme over the coming heart-light cycle and the month ahead is the time to deeply explore those heart-Shadows that have created a barrier for true intimacy.

6 days before your heart retreats and 25 before your heart is reborn… the time is now. Prepare the way for the seed you will plant.