The Heart

Almost there.. breathing out, so we can start breathing in. Rest. Dust settling. Withdrawing.

She calms my pulse and sends pearly white wisdom into my thought flow. I spot her, as her vibration feels instantly different. I look to the sky within, my inner vortex rotating. Spotting those constellations and their potentials. Now. Sensing time differently. Something awakened anew in these darker, colder nights. A different stroke. It feels familiar. As I look in his eyes on the photograph. He looks the same yet changed. He looks better, though unfinished. I talk to everything lately, I see connection and flow, I am growing into everything, I am one with everything. I am no longer directing healing, I open the universes and expand the space time experience, I see wholeness, I see unity, I see perfection in vibration and light, the walking out there and in the space between so I can send extra time to those who need it.

I ask my brain to hold the memory and store the information, while I ask my memory to delete and release and banish forever first birth moments that no longer serves any purpose, to release the grip of the energetics that keeps the childish reaction locked to them. I claim I am wOman, I talk to Angels, I am the invisible friend whispering in your ear when you feel sad or scared, I am the comforting embrace around your tired body, the soft kiss on your lips, I caress your worried brow and cheek. I send familiar scents on the breeze, I am the smile on the strangers faces you meet.

I know now you were right. We are always One. 1+1 makes 0, when you let E-go. Back to gOd. You are the Hunter. But so am I. Let’s hunt together then, outwards, onwards. Let’s create instead, turn the gaze elsewhere. Weave anew. The Silver and Gold are ours. Let’s transcend. Be lOvers on Earth. Like we were eons ago. Walking this world and beyond.

Heart prayers. Talking to Angels. Talking to my Heart. To my mind. Everything flows and breathes together. The signs and affirmations are carried to us across space and time. I hear your footsteps and you know my Heart.

This is how we decide to honor our souls. Every day. The balance between maintaining a childish inner jOy, the spark of the sOul that never loses its flame and passion, forever curious, forever alive, weaving a thread anew, the mature Man and the mature Woman who have forgiven each other for their childish things. Locking eyes yet again and knowing finally who they are and what they’ve come to do. The lOve in my Heart is forever. There is nothing to fear.

I am the One. I whisper through the Wind across space and time. I have pearly white in my Womb. The cool, the calm, the wise. I send time. The You in me grows strength and patience and honor. The Me in you.. well you tell me..

The wind whispers in the last leaves turning gold and red. Before they fall to ground and go back into cycle. The year passed. This one, merciless, while revealing truth and teaching of true mercy.

I close my window, the Air is so cool and the Stars are so bright. I go to sleep knowing space and time. Knowing my prayers are manifesting. Releasing. Balancing. Heart Ones.

Image credit: Rita Loyd