The Sun rises early enough for me to know there is still time. It is still Summer enough to catch the vibe, I may have missed. When your pattern is dancing under the serious moonlight, you know your time is short in those few days she’s not visible to actually get things done. It’s the picking of sacred plants, collection of rocks, it’s the invocation you start singing within, the words that take on momentum of power.

The sacred prayer that asks for nothing, but for the everything within that nothing that leads you to peace.

You are invited back in Her embrace again, out of the blue, the Heart-2-Heart conversations that can only take place now. Again. Anew. The load off your steps makes the path open to you. Some journeys cannot be done until you are ready. The silver thread that is beginning to weave from a space of infinity, a space of peace, lOve and not love, you recognize that place from among the stars, as you place your left foot, ‘accidentally’ on the lights built in the pavement, put there as decoration, but you have asked for signs and clear symbols, and these are too precious to ignore.

Your prayers are received. The kindest, gentlest replies. That’s how lOve works. Magic. Surprise. You get so old and wise, and you know you never have to worry or fear anything in this life. That’s the kindness. That’s the healing. To die a hundred times in this life, to learn finally how to live. You feel the chill of Winter and dark nights coming. You don’t mind them for once. You’ve walked with a heavy burden for too long.

I bless burdens I had to walk with, they reminded me of who I am. They taught me invaluable lessons. Make me humble. Made me grow up. Becoming a wOman. Made me know my power. Made me trust my intuition even harder. Made me know my Heart underneath the broken heart. Made me build my life as a solid foundation. Cut the bullshit. Other peoples’ bullshit. Cut the drama. Demand honesty and friendship. Truth and passion. Structure and integrity.

There is a gate opening as this Summer’s huge portal closes forever behind you. Before the Sun withdraws from this Sky. The darkness is coming. It is within this darkness that follows that light, that things are seeded, birthed anew. But not yet. Not yet. Everything goes naked first. A time of letting go. No rushing it. Just dancing with it. Honoring every step of the journey that is needed for the most precious outcome, no skipping steps. Rock solid.

The wheel turns. But everything comes back eventually. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall… Yourself in another version.

Bringing the sacred offerings to Her, giving thanks for being our Mother. Gratitude for all the treasures and the lOve, I know I am receiving. How blessed I am. How blessed and fortunate we are. You and me. Here in this realm. For holding us never apart, but always connected. I hear your steps, as she sends the echo of them to me in my quiet moments. Feeling the undying lOve between us. I thank her daily for protecting your journey and offering a safe ground underneath your feet. For keeping you safe and sound. For kissing your feet and lOving you so much. For nourishing you, holding you and embracing you.

I give thanks. I bless the Sun, the Moon and everything sacred to me. To us.

I bless the timing coming. I bless the timing behind me. In this moment, there is still jOy. Here in the quiet song the Sunrise makes. Blessing another day. Invoking all the magic of the Equinox gate opening.