Dancing in the Winds of Change

You trust your intuition in ways you didn’t know you were able to. You cross the final frontier, while holding space but letting go. It’s the dance of freedom, though you know exactly where you belong and what it says in the Script. Predestine and choice melts and merges into the same thing.

Standing in sacred landscape reconnecting to nature, having it open you and you open the Rocks to their memories, the song within the depths of you is ancient, as ancient as the knowledge that make you release the final stages of the ancestral memory, the mad, the angry, the need to fight for survival, the right for existing, for being here, for singing the song from beyond time, the memory locked somewhere in the DNA carried down a long lineage is now washing through me, the final thing that made me locked and chained to the same destiny- is rising in me and that heat is a blessing of all that sets me free. I come here in this final day to honor it. To sing it loose. This is my New Moon prayer: I am of the Earth. I walk her. She carries me. She kisses my feet and blesses my path. Sustaining me. Holding me. She is my Mother. I am her child. I am free. I am old. I am wise. I am free. In a way I never understood I could be. I embrace all the epiphanies of why’s and how’s and rejoice in already knowing how brilliantly timed that is.

I look to other wonders of this time and celebrate them. The path that led us here. Synchronic events. The Plutonic MOon that beamed her dark light back at my shadow stage, and the phone call on that very same day igniting a surprise, that shook my ground but comforted my old Heart in so many ways. HOpe. Synchronicity. The delivery of messages hard to ignore. And now the Man that is my brother walking a similar path. I dance. I sing. I celebrate the rise of the Masculine. That’s me being a whole new wOman.

Trusting the intuition in a new way. I rise above the horrors that sometimes come at night. I face my fears. I tell my worst nightmares they have no power over me. I know the difference between travelling in time, travelling in space, travelling in the astral and travelling into the depths of fear from the subconscious. I know those mind tricks. Ego and all her programming and need for control. I embrace her and tuck her back to bed. Like the lonely, scared child I once was that needed comfort and never found it. Reassuring her there is nothing to fear. I know my Soul journeys out of my body feels different. I know the vibration of the true meetings differs from the ghosts.

Fear. I name them. I am afraid. But it is because something is that precious to me. Fear and lOve. And something to transform. Isn’t life glorious?

No matter what happens knowing I will always be alright. The scripts are hard to shake. Especially when you co-wrote them with someone, and they seem to have forgotten who they are and can’t hear the true beat of their Heart. Those, you keep praying for. Letting go, while holding space, detaching from outcome, just as you did before they ever entered the stage with a pocket full of poems, you didn’t know who they were, but you felt them. Little blue flickers out of the corner of your eye.

They are appearing now again accompanied with silver ones. I don’t know what that means.

I can’t say that this is a happy time, though it is. Something is building. It is asking us to be not just strong, but discerned, structured and align with that which is surely ours. Saying our yes’s and no’s in balance and elegance. I can say it is an important time. I will look back at 2018 and know this was the year.

Trusting the intuition in new ways. Letting it all go. All of it. In the same movement inviting all the new in. Invoking it. Blessing it.

I am dancing. Are you joining?