White Nights

Counting the mOons backwards and rearrange the skies. They dance, like holographically, above me in these white nights being kept awake, again, being taught, whispers of wisdom, teachings to be unfolded and told in times coming. Not now. Later. She spreads her wings above me and I always look to find her. But walls and buildings and light pollution make her almost a ghost of the past. Almost...

I long for the nights in the open fields, outside, the sleeping in the forest, the smell of my hair after being with Trees. Soil. Him. An instant ache in my heart. A yearning of endless depth. Winds that pull at my legs, carrying stardust along their long journey to emerge here. It speaks to the Iron in my veins, the calcium in my bones, the resonance with all the material in me that reminds me of where I’m from and who I am and what I hold within my memory.

They dance before me in my dark room, keeping me up and awake and alert, each of them delivering their message. The Sun. The Moon in her smaller orbit, the laws we are subject to- but transcendence and going beyond the borders will keep our alignments, our promises to our scripts as we roll on ever forward towards something we can’t grasp with our body bound minds.

I’m out of this world and into the many next.

The silent prayers. They know my Heart already, they know my words, but I say them all the same.

In the countback of those mOons, I remember the many invocations. I see clearly why I’m here. I know exactly why I am unfolding onto those physical events as if I staged them myself. It’s that sort of awareness that make you mute. No words can be spoken against them. You can’t talk about life as if it is happening to you. There are no complaints or aches. Really.

It’s life rushing through you. In you. They say I look happy. Perhaps it is because I found that resonance within. That through the cyclical ups and downs it is life rushing through my veins. And it’s our time in the Universe.

We are forever. It’s life on Earth that is so short. So we might as well find and be in lOve. And just let go of all the rest.