Full MOon Woman

This is the new: To invite Her in when she is at your window at night invading your emotional spheres and asking you to open up your Heart, welcome lOve on in, asking you to reconsider who you are without the Fire within? When she’s there at the gates of your Heart pointing to the Key you had all along, but not until now knowing how to use it to unlock the secret chambers, finally and fully entering the space within you thought was lost forever cause everyone said it couldn’tbe healed.

This is the new: To fully accept when she’s there, to put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Moonlight. Softness. Embracing your Venus, knowing she rules in there now. Accepting time as a friend and not a separating factor though every day walking alone brought strength beyond anyone’s capacity, but breathing in and out became your survival technique until life flowed joyously through you again.

To accept she will be there with her companions ever so often and won’t go away. To then invite Her in and hold her in your secret chamber and learn to be empowered by the softness she brings, the capacity for love and the coolness her touch brings. There to teach you that. Nothing else but the sacredness, the sanctuary of retreating into the pearly white and the resonance to Feminine patience. Her span consists of Eons, infinite Space and width beyond any Man’s wisdom. He will never know the distances she travels while he’s away thinking his power is to bring her the Sunlight. It’s cool in her chamber. She spins strength and endless patience from the thread that keeps them separate. Her strength is the power to bear life, to hold compassion, softness and life in her White River. They won't know if they never wade into her Waters.

She's the flow of Life. She holds all the stars in her Womb. She holds infinity and eternity in every longing beat of her heart. She has seen the forever that came after the end. She has seen it wither and die, but rise again. The hope for tomorrow makes her spin the thread and weave, weave, weave. Inviting, invoking, blessing and remaining unmoved by external events in her undying trust and faith that Life begins again all the time. This is her only medicine. Her only peace.

This is the new: lOve.