Conscious Living

Standing in an open field, energetically charged and activated- inspired even- he speaks to us. Of purity. Of jealousy and greed. And that how to find the true way to sit on the throne, rightfully, claiming his place next to his wOman, comes through being pure of Heart.

Purity does not mean controlling yourself or holding yourself back from 'bad'. Being pure means that you have walked through and acknowledged, given space and time to, not necessarily healed but at least claimed and embodied, and thus aware of all your darkness, knowing yourself, those forbidden feelings, facing your greed, your wants, your jealousy, your dark emotions coming from egoic hurts, fears, angers and pains that are quite normal, but few want to have anything to do with, because they are considered ’wrong’, ’bad’ and ’annoying’. Being pure means that you are responsible for knowing your journey and owning it. For wanting to fill up that space in you with YOU and not pollute your environment with whatever oozing wound you haven’t put a band aid on but starts the projection games.

That you are fully aware of calling back your missing souls to you, so that you can be whole and fully integrated within yourself and not looking for someone else to make you complete or bring that to you, what you feel is missing in your life. Because that is YOUR job!

Those sorts of games let in greed, anger, jealousy. So why don’t you start by loving yourself? Taking the seat within yourself? Allowing your Heart to speak to you of everything you truly want and how much lOve there is to be in, that you never need to walk in need or in want. Once you align your sOul with the beat of your Heart and only want that which is truly yours and claim it, everything falls into place. That means of course that you let go of whatever isn’t meant for you, even the stuff that has served its purpose and you move on or you let it go. To serve a bigger purpose of balance. Let people to their jOurneys, allow yourself to have yours.

These are the times when everything false falls. These times beckon and crave balance. Awareness. Conscious living. Living from, walking with, breathing through the open pure Heart. Golden threads of pulling in those who are family. Soul unions. And Union between woman and man. It is the most sacred experience. To journey together, side by side experiencing joy, sharing joy, just walking together.

You are being called to your greatness. You are being called to your soul contracts and agreements. There’s nothing you want more. Let go of whatever it is standing in your way. It’s time. Let your heart speak. If you can’t hear it, treat yourself to visit a place in the world where you feel pulled to. Go stand on a field that’s energetically charged. Lie flat down on your stomach, head and Heart to Earth and ask to hear Her speak to you. Re-connect. Hug a tree. Sit on a Rock. Climb a mountain. Enter a passage mound and speak from in there to the Stars, like the Shamans of old times- the white quartz will help remember who you are.

Realign now. Do the work. It isn’t scary addressing your dark. It is liberating. It brings you much closer to your purpose. To lOve. To your path. So what’s holding you back?