Ériu, the Goddess

She speaks from somewhere deep within as we reconnect. Awakening the song in me that harmonizes with the one coming up to meet me from underneath these sacred grounds. The vibration of the rocks that is alive with memory held in the limestone, the minerals, the exchange of invocation and conversation and travel on ice, coming to end her days here, resting here.

She brings all the forces of the Earth into my bones and body, streaming it from her memory to mine as she shares her story with me. The gold streaming through me as we lie belly to belly in an embrace in the chamber of vows underneath the protection of massive rocks.

It is an initiation that takes place over several encounters aligning balance, elements, space, time, physically and ethereally. It is carried forth from noting the connection between seasons changing as a cause of movement through infinite space, cosmic winds, solar warmth, the stellar constellations made out as a giant compass mapping out and accepting vast the journey, the span from so far above to this tiny spot the other end is that makes the below, to follow the trail, align, touch, carry it in you, exchange of physical interaction and understanding why you can't access before you activate your inner key and know the alignments from within to without.

The key that unlocks the true treasure within, and until you are invited, you can't enter. But when you do, you are home and strong and have truly and fully aligned and once claiming your seat, you sit and can't be moved. You are home and will never look for it elsewhere. The journey on then differs and changes. You can look forward to a life in sharing jOy, but never lacking, never needing it from someone else. It is yours. The without is the landscape, the wilderness and your relationship to it mirrors the interior integrity. Such is sacred union. Sacred relationships.

She sings the benediction song and kisses my palms and feet. Forehead to forehead. Like cats. Honoring each other in this reunion. She whispers the secrets I need to hear. The great mystery of manifestation and desiring from the pure heart only.

I have walked this land before in a different body, but the memory is eternal and vibrant.

The pull in the heart is satisfied.

It rains and the wind is strong. The vibrant purple thistles still holds the heat of this Summer, but the Fall is coming. She is gifting us her dark berries and escorts us gently on our way out.

The wilderness is restored within me. I am home and the Heart unlocked is wild and open, She rests at last on her throne. The seat is taken. She can't be moved.