New Moon Eclipse

It’s the celebration. Of new beginnings. All that coming, all that weaving in the now, bridging all the paths, the ones that need to walk together will be aligning, and this small flicker of moments is just that, igniting eternity, setting the souls alight, burning away that which has served this Earth enough friction to grow and learn, but now to burn away and lighting up a new spark. A new hope. A new day. A new Moon. Look up tonight, there is a liquid sky all over the world. Tonight.

We speak of these intentions. We speak of those cycles. They are not just born and die within one moon time. They repeat and steady and grow in that which is born of a moment. There are cycles within cycles, and we need sometimes to look beyond the small things within the greater scheme of things.

I stare into the heart of all that I fear the most, and I finally face it. The horror of feeling that separation. Walking into that mad darkness that wants me, calls upon me, want to devour me and I let myself in to feel and see and then heal and be free from the intense true sadness there, the human emotional experience of loss and grief. Having seen it too many times I have built a tower of refuge against it. I sit there feeling falsely protected and shielded but like with any held breath at some point you must exhale and release.

Some major breakthroughs come only when safe distances have been made. Healing helpers and soul mates rush in. It’s the hand that hold yours walking through the dark to find that switch in your soul. Holding their space for YOU.

Knowing you are fixed on this moment in time and forget about whatever ripples you set into motion in the Ocean of life, the future and what comes after and beyond, you release the tight grip and you find your courage and you go through it. And come out the other side.

I learned one thing that is real. That while I am here in this human body with all the knowing of eternity, soul cycles, energy, frequency, chemistry, vibration, sound and vision, star wisdom, walking between the worlds and still being human, that this losing someone you love is part of life. It makes you endlessly sad. Grief takes you and breaks you. No praying and meditation or chanting will take the feeling away. You can’t escape it. It hurts like hell. But it’s life. In motion. Up and down. We bear it. We walk on. It's just life in cycles.

It is a gift to live to love someone so much you can feel life in you. Life and Death. But I will never be fooled about the truth about life, death and cycles again that I start fearing living life and hold my breath, just because I know at some point everything will be taken from me again. I will never fear loss again. Because I know nothing is mine but the lOve I have in my heart, and that is forever. Regardless of time and space and Earth rules. And I want to live and breathe.

So, here’s to all the preparation done. Building a foundation of your own. Knowing you changed. Knowing you built a better future because you listened to the Fire in your Heart. And had the wits to follow it. Pursue it. Claim it. Get it!

Here’s to cycles. The ones ending and birthing in that same sacred moment a beginning. I will be dancing today, because that is one of my passions. What a great way to begin this exciting new cycle coming.

Happy New Moon (and eclipse) <3