Staying wild

There is nothing like a home coming. I must admit I missed feeling like that. Strong. Safe. Secure. It feels like I walked my entire life without it. Always searching, looking, wandering alone, alone, though surrounded by people. Unable to share the thoughts and perceptions of the World I lived in, the world I saw, the experiences I had. Being always the strange kid. The one, others left alone or plain simply ran away from.

The loneliness made me seek out solace in the wild close to my home; either by the calming walks by the Ocean, where lost treasures and gifts from the Sea, like fossils and amber were washed ashore for me to find, the Wind would shake up the waves and we’d talk, me and those gentle, invisible to others-ones, who seemed to know exactly what to say and left me curious enough to keep coming back and be taught of winds and waves and the importance of the changing colors of blue out there. It seemed to me more relevant wisdom and knowledge than playing with dolls.

Or to the forests with the powerful, wise trees and the magic of sunlight dancing in dewdrops and flowers in the clearings, the buzzes of insects and animals, the special noise the rain makes singing its song upon leaves, but also the mystery and stories of the many barrows and marks of another people, with another mind from another time. I always wondered what they might have been like, how they might have looked, and especially why they put their barrows and mounds where they did. Why? Why here? What was here? The tall ones that began reappearing, but also the fairies, the beings, the animal spirits. The world seemed so endlessly more interesting out there..

My town was still dark enough at night for me to notice the astonishing light of the numerous stars. When you have no one to talk to and tons of questions, you talk to those you feel have all the answers.

In the space between then and now, I discovered standing stones.. In alignments. Those are calling to me now, again. More conversations and exchanges of wisdom. Bringing something ancient back to life, feeling we so need it in the times coming.

The world I create now reminds me of that time. Time alone, consolidating my world, my power back in my own sphere, knowing there was another purpose for being, for journeying on. I was reminded and re-discovered how magical my world really is, how much jOy there is when you dare to venture out there on your own, independent, curious... I forgot to be curious. I forgot how amazingly happy I can be. Staying Wild….

How did your connection to nature and the wild shape your world and who you are? How did it align with knowing your strength? Did it give you answers and solace through hard times? How can we bring that healing back into our lives, when we get lost in expectation, projections, give and take games and the hamster wheel? And more importantly how do we stay wild and remember we need to care for Nature, our Planet and all the wild things, visible and invisible?