Do your thing

Do you feel it though? Do you see it from somewhere within, though it is not yet evident in your physical world? Have you dreamed it? Do you believe that even in these silent and quiet days, where the Sun is burning out your every momentum to take action, that everything is working out to your advantage, because there is a plan, and you just can’t wrap your head around how good it is yet?

They are waiting there. For you. The writing on the walls. It set something in motion so long ago. And there’s a notion there, we know, but can’t fathom. It was the steps taken, tentative, bare foot, knowing the invocations would change everything forever, but for the better, so why do we mourn, yearn, rage when it happens? Birth is always violent, is pushes you out of your comfortable life, you die to live.. simplys as that. It’s called metamorphosis. It happens on a cellular level all the time. Death and birth are the same. Scream all you want, but scream in jOy, not in fear, cause you are always lOved and held, but this is your life now. And we are learning to walk again. And all is well. All is in the process of becoming something new, so rejoice and be excited for you. Celebrate the vortex movement, we are never moving backwards. Trust your journey. Trust your self. Trust that you know the way, the why, the when, the WOW that is yours.

Do you not see how strong you stand now? How you’ve reclaimed your own power? That you are whole within you, once you let all that all away that wasn’t the real you but old programming, old beliefs about yourself that didn’t fit you- wasn’t real? Love is the only thing is real. Do you remember how it feels? That raw and beautiful power, that has no thoughts, no emotions, no trying to figure things out, no fears or pains, but just is and flows and make you invincible? Do you remember that? THAT is you. THAT feeling is REAL.

There is a message coming for all of us in these days. We’ve walked through a thick layer of veils, falling one by one. The identities we used to hide behind are coming off, crashing hard if we hadn’t felt it. Man, Woman, everyone, wherever you are on your path, your journey. We cannot not become what we intended to whilst being here on this Planet, in these times. No thing is a coincidence. The sooner you realize this, you will feel your soul and your purpose.

Delay no longer. Do yours! Just do it!

Happy August, the time is NOW.