The new Song

She showed up right on time. No sooner, no later. She never fails to deliver her massage. Last night she rose from the hazy clouds on the horizon, coming through the heat to shine her rose-pink, soft message. Eclipsed. Bringing closure to an era. To let us look within. ’Clear your Heart. Straighten your spine and release your emotions. I am coming out now. And within the following days, you can shed and be free. Let go.. now. Embrace the dance. Embrace the softness. Be free. Celebrate this night while I bring pink darkness to soothe your sOul for the briefest portal of time. I am bringing a New Song.. I am laying it within your Heart.. You will emanate it and call that to you which is truly yours..’ Clearer than ever, sharp fiery red, bathed in her soft pink essence, He rises. He follows her on her JOurney across this sky, this night. The dance they do on the Heaven together is such a sight for sore eyes. While the Night comes slowly to the north, the sea calms, the wind settles, the pink embers are replaced with bright white illumination. We sleep, finally. Waking up to a day of freshness. The New time is here. The karma cleared. The emotional memory erased. Looking past the traps of illusions of ancestral energetics. The work done in this charged time over the past many Moons leading up to this. The wishes granted. The healing pains. The cure that was worse than the disease. Gone. Done. We did the work. Freedom is flowing through the veins. The Moon song is playing loud and clear in my Heart. Calling that to me, which is truly mine.