Kings and Queens

It comes in threes once you get up and let it cross your path. It’s the notable little signs that are too obvious to be a coincidence. Yeah, we don’t buy into that anymore. The childish wonder of things unfolding remains, but the knowing of synchronicity is mature. We know there is a plan behind it and we’re in the heart of those events. We know we are the co-creators manifesting what is already set into motion.

We feel those pulls. Hear those whispers. So attuned to recognize the irritation we instantly feel when we can’t find the purpose of ’what-to-do-with-today’; though undistracted from the mind jobs, we know we can’t do anything BUT exactly that which makes our souls sing. React to it.

I needed to get up and walk. In my place of power. Outside. All day. Too long in the heat, the bright sun, the blue waves at the days out of time and the work in those energetic fields. Body in pain, exhaustion and fatigue. The brain overwired. Neurons worn. So used to reacting in a certain way it became expectation, and thus the body is still in fight-mode. Survival instinct. It takes a conscious mind to engage consciously. To know different.

I love those Mercury retrograde times. It’s such a welcome break from all the thinking and the noise it makes. It creates waves in the collective field and their force are sometimes too overwhelming and such a mess. It also makes me stop thinking and just breathing out and being.

Observing my own thoughts. And their connection to the triggers of emotions underneath. I often wonder why we are so complex, so intelligent, yet so bound by this body and this realm, as if there is no way to transcend this outdated fashion of being. Then again I just lOve how reflection take you on a curious adventure within your own state of awareness. Just checking up on yourself. Realizing that this time is over. The battle is over. Here come the times of something completely new. It is getting your brain to undergo healing, and into the expecting something different. I am ok. I am safe. I came through to the other side. I’m over. Peace can be. I can breathe out, finally. Holding the breath, holding on. Running far far away until I was at a distance. The distance is there. Now. I am ok. I can look back. And I can look forward. Retrograding.

At The Sacred Well where alchemy is a fact the Water still runs from underneath the forest floor. I drink and ask to see clearly as always. There is no one out here, just as I expected. I have it all to myself, just the way I like it. The heat is safely held back by thick clouds today making walking possible.

It’s the little affirmations that connect the dots from so many years ago, that then gave me a clear sign of what I wanted to do. Today, I see it gives my Saturn something different to do and connects to my earthy Mars. Two with One Stone, pun intended. Passion and purpose in these inner Fire times.

I arrive at my sacred grove, but the energy is different. I have been pushed on. Or I have grown up. The White Lady is assertive. We’ve accomplished our mission. It’s both sad and happy. Such are these times, I understand. She tells me I have outgrown our purpose. We have no more to work on. It is done. It is completed. Now come the times for Kings and Queens whose Hearts are opened. The initiations that have taken place here are done. There are no more.

I cry. But I know it’s time. To leave the old behind and that time, those 3 years in the becoming, will forever echo in my Heart as the happiest and the hardest. But it’s time to leave hardest and step into happiest. And get used to expecting that. Worn neurons and all. The forest floor gave me something else today, that holds the future. And I asked to see clearly!

We never know what is to come and the reluctance to move forward is only because of that. We don’t know what’s coming. It could be the happiest time of our lives. Better. Bigger. The good things coming. I believe in those...!

The signs are already UP. Go out and let yourself see them. Feel the pull. Go greet them, go meet them. Hear the whispers. Remember… YOU ARE IT!