The jOy in my soul

Never thought I’d turn around and accept. Ask for that guidance. Turn to those. Call upon. No pleading, no begging. Assertive demands. Aligning to the force of my nature. Too long carrying a magnet for self-inflicting. Asking within, the light of my sOul, why? The question that I hadn’t been wise enough to ask carried an answer, that extended the hand of grace to a surge of release. This is what healing does. Changing instantly something you’ve repeated forever. But you must ask the right questions. To your sOul. No one else. Dare to listen. Dare to ask. Dare to know. Dare to look and see yourself succeed.

That’s taking the power back, embodying who you are. Becoming you. Receptive. Asking. Demanding to be nothing else but YOU.

Dismissing the interpretations of this time, the same mass hysteria as always, eclipses and retrogrades, wondering why we are prone to that drama with no reflection of our own experiences over time- listening instead to the omens of this time feeling, knowing, expecting the lOve from a mirroring universe ready to replicate and supply anything I hold within my own power, my own conscious actions, deliberate dancing, deliberate invoking, deliberate demands in alignment with everything I know. Perhaps some of the stuff I then read will resonate with my own experience and we can share. But non-critically taking onboard what some else thinks, will only further the confusion and give away of self-consciousness.

I am happening to these planetary constellations. Me, with my souls wisdom, the years of experience, the getting to know myself, the time it takes, being curious, still learning, still discovering, still on this fabulous adventure, assertive, discerning, feeling skeptical when certain people shared their opinions that didn’t resonate, dismissing all that which insulted my sOul, experiencing that when I followed their advice it led me astray, while others’ encouraged, helped me become, then listening to my own intuition, finding sacred places, places of power to ground, to walk, to sit, to be still, giving it space and time to grow and be my compass- to follow my Heart. No Gurus, no masters, no religion.

The time coming now holds a change. A new beginning. The coming into. The greatest healers are those who make you do your own work. Who can just let you open your own doors and decide to walk through them. Embodying yourself. Taking your power fully back. Knowing your soul’s patterns. These are those times. For healing.

There’s a knowing force rushing through me. It brings endless joy. Awakening in the morning now feeling instantly the jOy. Rushes of curiosity, what will I bring to this day? Happy feet excited to hit the floor and get out to play.. I have somehow brought myself back to me. jOy is my natural state. I won’t ever forget that again.