‘May it be’, is the proper translation of all the omens surrounding this darkened time in life. Omens visible perhaps only by those who see into matter and energy with curious eyes. Knowing of a different rhythm and hear the Earth breathe and picking up whispers through frequencies who are silent noise to uninitiated ears. Will we all feel it and know it? Perhaps. Perhaps if One changes and goes with that flow, they will make more follow. And more. And so on and on. The collective is in motion. We all have our duties. The Web pulls in every one of us. Collectively organizing and staging every event, this gOds’ game with us. How ignorantly we judge and condone. The pain we feel and push through may serve as pearls for a life to come, tomorrow, in five minutes or in the next or for someone else entirely. No one is out of the collective. No One is out of gOd. It all permeates and glows out there in the interstellar cosmos. All there to be read. There is a bitter sweetness about Summers. The long days spent in the Sun marking you with memory of whatever transpired. I am conscious about the cycle that for me began moving already from every event I already put into motion from the portals of Equinoxes and Solstices, New Moons and Full Moons, transits and annual visits. Everything is one long gliding motion that is ongoing. I wrongly expected that any of them would be done with at some point, I realize anything is up for seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths and beyond that I’ve lost the impetus to be ’getting it right’- now it’s just the experience of life.. And I am in it. Everything comes around again in another form with different presents accompanying the symphony. Small gems. Adding luster to the diamonds’ shine. It’s all about spotting them, the gems. Do not be alarmed by events that try to blow you out of your mind. Nothing can happen to you, you happen to things. To be able to know yourself. I’ve watched my own emotional states shift and clear from dark to bright, and it no longer frightens me or bothers me much. I know when to retreat and when to come forth. When to act and when to pause. When to talk and when to be silent. When to produce and when to rest. And to also leave others to their interpretation of things, knowing I have no right to tell them what I think, unless I am asked. No cycle scares me anymore. I watch and observe. How could anything possibly ever be frightening again? Lack of control or knowing who you are? But isn’t that what we’ve preached and walked with? The songs we sang, the inscription above the caves. The lack of control lets you into the knowing instead of keeping you at guessing or just denial, it is only in those testing times of your life, you will fully know who you are. Looking beyond and seeing those lines extend to a completely different landscape and finding the treasure in there. Would I have known from within my comfort zone? Their sacredness speaking to me while unintendedly ‘coincidently’ activating those rocks, but I dismissed it, thinking it was but the voices in my head deceiving me. I have more journeys than one in this life, so when one rests and folds for now, others emerge. Kindly. Timely. It is no coincidence there is a lack of Water in this time. We are not allowed to light a Fire, for the sparks might burn it all down, and that cannot happen now. It mustn’t. Things are coming up from deep beneath the ground to reveal great treasure due to lack of Water and Fire. Air and Earth seem to be our elements now. Somethings are not up for interpretation. Some messages come and deliver their truth, pure and simple, and they resonate with your soul’s wisdom at the time. Plant their seed within you. Leave it in the depths of your soil. We need this darkened time for that. So in its essence this is a good thing. Leave it to grow. Watch again when the flower begins to bloom. See if you know yourself a little better, the magic in your soul revealing itself at a more profound level and how much joy you then feel for surprising yourself. Being surprised at the kindness life offers you. Knowing then, that there is only lOve in this world. How incredibly lucky it was that things turned out the way they did. I’m not out of magic. This one is just not mine alone. I am still not here alone anymore. I never will be. Immram means Voyage. And that message comes timely. I’m on mine. I was never not. Don’t kid yourself you aren’t either.