On the other side

So this time eclipsed and finally let this build up explode silently into a release overnight. As gently as it snuck in upon us. And built built built. Grabbed us gently by our feet and tackled us. Put upon us layers and layers of heavy and we took it, because we could and should. Because we knew while we were on our knees we might as well take upon us the loads of the World and pray for the collective. Mine or yours, it’s all the same.

Somewhere between the doom and gloom and the love and light preachers of this time turning their followers more schizophrenic than this time already is, there is balance. Of course, you could choose not to listen at all.

This culmination started a series of events that echoed in those mirror-covered walls of my 7. th. house (hello Saturn, old friend!) since May. From the annual visit of Algol on the New Moon knocking on the door, to the profound healing experiences, awakening the ancient wound that opened doors into other dimensions and calling in more Angels, and then staggering shaking and heartbroken but hopeful in the old sense on to a New Moon, to another Full Moon, to this New Moon Eclipse to be completely released with such bliss and surrender, I now need a vacation. Thank gOd the Sun is still shining and there’s a beach close by. This is no jOurney for the faint hearted. I also truly fully believe in celebrating myself for a job well done. I simply cannot feed into that fake humbleness. I will rather repeat to myself ‘I am strong, and I am doing incredibly well’, than talk s**t to and about myself. And I am turning my weakness into my strength!

I love to sit on the beach after a long stride into complete chaos and make sense of it. Once those structures that fell apart shift a little and the dust settles, insight after insight falls into you and turn into solid pearls, little gems you will cherish and celebrate. They turn into wisdom. They turn into experience. They turn into those defining moments when you know you just came home to your sOul house within. Aligning with your path, knowing this wasn’t out of place or time, this was exactly part of plan. You needed exactly this though you cursed it upon arrival.

You realize in hindsight you were guided and protected along this ride, that you persisted and resisted and fought for so long until you agreed, unwillingly, kicking and screaming, losing your grounding more and more. But then the signs and the angels were a little bit too obvious, so finally, you began trusting a little, then a little more and then you rose and you were brave enough to walk straight into the cave you feared, and in there you found your Heart’s treasure.

These are exciting times. These are the times you will remember. Defining times. They changed the world.

They changed us. Or perhaps they made us come home.

We threw the remains of the Bealtaine ashes on our New Moon Fire last night. Sacred Ashes from those Fires that burned down on those fields, that somehow connected to me through this time, but also represented a time that now culminated, but as with any end, the beginning has already spun its web. The circles in grass and the visions. And the spiraling passages leading somewhere, but I keep waking up before I see it. Connecting the dots still- nothing like a treasure hunt to keep you preoccupied, curious and alive with passion while waiting for other desired constellations.

The Goddess that was invoked right on time to walk by my side through this time. Into the very depths of those dimensions where she resides. Having waited for Eons in that dark to utilize her magic, whispering wordless wisdom that makes no sense in a world that wants to maintain duality, judgement and blame, right and wrong, she is premature, but here nonetheless. Having sung into those creative minds who were open to hear her, but impressed and darkened by the ancestral feminine wound, they misinterpreted her message and instead the angry woman lived.

I put down my weapon and that was the message in May. Humbled by this experience the Goddess now had words. She is awakening more and more. Everywhere. Holding back those emotions, letting the lands dry out, she can speak through and to us. Returning our awareness to soil, Sacred Earth, Mother, without water. We see her clearer. She speaks now. The grounding that is needed. See what comes up. Teaming up with lOve, the wOman in me who is yearning for passion, union, unity consciousness, justice and cares not for anything less than that. She has promised her sOul to that Man. It cannot be undone. She will walk alone until they are united in truth, lOve and peace but someone must do the work, and she has been called in to do it now.

She is embodied. She IS here. So happy New Moon. Celebrate yourself, dear Feminine, dear Masculine. Unite. Do your work. Celebrate. Rest. Go easy. But!! The world is changing and you are IT!

Art: Bringer of Light by Tiana Art