Words of strength

Some words of strength and comfort, knowing that preaching love and light doesn't always cut it. Sometimes we need to accept what is going on, and not escape and cheat ourselves from the journey in our human, physical lives by ascending into the 5th, 6th or 7th dimensional. It is at times impossible to remain calm and untouched by the events of life when things are exceptionally challenging, hurts like your heart is going to explode and you feel like there is no hope, and there is no escape from accepting the passing of a loved one, someone you loved leaving you or the reality of impossible times. You will be faced with acceptance and grief. That is not going to go away no matter how many times you stay in love and light. Yes we need to understand our own union within, the truth about lOve, but dont make dumb asses out of the ones, who are darkened by loss or grief. It IS real. Being faced with something that is inhumanly overcoming, knowing this will change me forever, this will break everything I believed in, everything I thought to be the truth. I never saw this coming. We still have to deal with emotional waves- of course how we choose to do that is entirely up to us, trusting there is a way, there is healing, there will be a brighter tomorrow.. But sometimes you also need to dive into the deep end and know the depth of your heart, even when that heart is dark, raw and raging. Hurting so much you think you will go insane for feeling it. But you have to. It's not scary, it's just painful, regardless of transformation in the collective and waves of ascension going on at the moment. Fact of life. And then it helps to hear comforting, supportive words that will not deny you how you truly feel, but acknowledging you and your journey exactly where you are. Holding your hand through that darkness. Trusting, that eventually, somehow, this too shall pass. This too shall pass. But don't drown it and suffocate it in denial. Help those hurting to go safely into that space where accepting won't break them, but eventually heal them. Somewhere so unknown it heals the sOul that is broken. That did lose faith. That did give up. That DID have to change direction, because events without their control and was unforseen happened. Check on your best friend through these times- the one that always seems the strongest. They might just need your hand in the dark.