Wake me up, when September ends

I know we are all feeling stretched at the moment. I feel we are all trying to seek cover from this insane time going on. Making it work. Getting through.

Personally, for me, it is a struggle every day. I wake up feeling I just want go back to sleep, and ‘Wake me up when September ends’ has been a theme song of late. I am blessed with friends who remind me of who I am.

I hear the same messages everywhere lately, and I can’t remember having seen such an intense time. It feels is as if the whole world is holding her breath. Bucking up, holding on tight, as if we’re about to go for a wild ride. Whatever that is for you at the moment, keep the faith.

I remember the first time I was flying to Scotland in 2008 and there was a storm over the North Sea. We were late because the flight crew changed the plane 3 times; they kept finding technical problems/something wrong with the plane- and this does nothing good to someone who’s afraid of flying. (Air element, Mars-Pluto serious-control-issue-kind-of-thing) And when they finally managed to find a plane good to go, it was one of those small ones with room for only 50 passengers. The plane wasn’t even full, so we were restricted from getting up and causing unbalance in the plane, the toilets were locked, there would be no servings of anything.. I remember that the captain informed us ‘this will be a bumpy ride, so fasten your seatbelts and have a laugh.. it will be wild, but we’ll get you to Scotland’.

I was terrified, but just knew that they wouldn’t let us take off if there were any risks of anything- and even the captain seemed to joke about it. So at that point I had to surrender, trust and let go. I was scared to death, but I knew my destination, and even if the ride there wasn’t smooth sailings I learned – and continue to learn to be ok when I am terrified of something. I learn to let go and do it anyway. Knowing whenever I arrive, regardless that the journey right now is the worst turbulence I've ever flown through, I will be alright.

This is my point about these times. We are not going to avoid this bumpy ride time, but it will be alright. Sometimes through dark and wild times, we need to be able to laugh, to make a joke, because we need to realize that whatever happens, gOd’s got this. We’ve got this. We are gOd in motion, in creation. We can endure this. This is happening. This IS reality- there is no escaping out of it. This IS happening. And we can do it.

I recently said to a client of mine who stated she is the most impatient person in the world, that right there in the opposition is her strength. Any state always contains its own counterpoint. Your greatest weakness already shines the potential of becoming your greatest strength.

Prayer is a powerful energy. Praying for somebody else is powerful. Connecting for healing purposes is a powerful energy. Stay focused. Trust. Help someone close to you when they lose hope. Remind them of who they are and what strength they have. That they are lOved. Even if it is hard to see right now. Laugh a little. We will be alright.